Event: Meet and Greet with Inspirational Book Authors via “Pinoy Life Hacks”

imageHello Sweeties!

I got the opportunity to attend this interesting Book Launch/ Meet and Greet from Shepherd`s Voice Publication via Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

As a child I have always been voracious reader. So attending an event that involves books is a treat for me, more now because these authors are writers of inspirational books that all Pinoys can learn from.

P5Kerygma Book had the event at Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street. The books were written by Catholic lay people, the books are filled with wisdom and lessons that every Filipino can relate to, with one message: your pains and struggles are real, and there may be ways to make them bearable, even with just the thought that one is not alone.

The books are short, inexpensive and very easy to read. The authors Rissa Singson Kawpeng, Obet Cabrillas, Marjorie Duterte, Arun Gogna and Rosanne Romero who all impart simple, practical and sensible tips -“Life Hacks” that they`ve learned through their own painful and enlightening life experiences.

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Press Release: Pinoy Life Hacks**


Are you struggling through your 20s?
Have you experienced a heartbreak so heavy, you feel lost and unsafe?
Do you worry that you will never find a suitable partner?
Are you a part stressing over the right way to raise your child?

When one is in the midst of a big worry or painful experience, it is very easy to fail into thinking trap that you alone and nobody will understand. Not everyone is willing to confide their deepest fears or lucky enough to have someone who can relate and share learnings that will make life more bearable.

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