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Are you struggling through your 20s?
Have you experienced a heartbreak so heavy, you feel lost and unsafe?
Do you worry that you will never find a suitable partner?
Are you a part stressing over the right way to raise your child?

When one is in the midst of a big worry or painful experience, it is very easy to fail into thinking trap that you alone and nobody will understand. Not everyone is willing to confide their deepest fears or lucky enough to have someone who can relate and share learnings that will make life more bearable.


This is where Kerygma Books, published by leading inspirational media outlet Shephard`s Voice Publications, aims to help. Written by Catholic lay people, Kerygma Books are filled with wisdom and lessons that every Filipino can relate to, with one message: your pains and struggles are real, and there may be ways to make them bearable, even with just the thought that one is not alone.

The short, inexpensive easy-reads featuring Filipino writers such as Rissa Singson Kawpeng, Obet Cabrillas, Marjorie Duterte, Arun Gogna and Rosanne Romero who all impart simple,practical and sensible tips -“Life Hacks” that they`ve learned through their own painful and enlightening life experiences:


Change your words, change your life. In his book Today is your Day, Arun Gogna shares that spoken words are powerful, and have the power to create our realities. He says, “Never say you will never be well, will never be debt free or that you won`t get that promotion. Proclaim victory in all situations!”

Gonna also the author of Lasting Gifts, where he imparts wisdom on how to make your children feel valued and cared for.

Go, grow and glow! For Obet Cabrillas, the most powerful kind of love is one that knows how to let go, let grow and let grow. In Itanong Mo kay Daddy -O, he shares, ” You need to grow (spiritually, emotionally and personally) by being away from that person. Life is all about moving on. So love yourself enough to move on.”

Clarity is power. In his other published work Spell Out Your Love, Cabrillas stresses the importance of spelling out our deepest feelings. “When we are able to identify our feelings and desires, we can assert ourselves without being offensive and arrogant.” This, Cabrillas say, brings about deep healing.

Forgive others, not for them, but for you. In her book Love Yourself, Marjorie Duterte says that forgiving those who hurt you is the major step in healing yourself and rising above your brokenness. “People who are hurt, hurt people. Forgiveness allows us to love ourselves, and therefore allows us to love other people effectively.”

Life has its season and we need to learn to respect them. IRS Singsong Kawpeng shares the importance of waiting in Confessions of an Impatient Bride. “You can`t pull out an emerging butterfly from its cocoon or else you`ll cripple its wings for life. There is a purpose for our waiting. There are certain times and season for everything.

Enjoy yourself! Kawpeng is also reminds single people to enjoy life by yourself and with yourself. In her book Love Handles, she says “Some people think they will find their happiness when they find their One True Love. Wrong! If you`re not a happy single person, chances are you won`t be a happy married person either.”

Patiently endures test and temptations. Kawpeng is also the author of Something Happened on the Way to Happily Ever After, wherein she admonishes couples to go through trials together. “Just  as it takes time for relationships to break down, it takes even more time to restore them. You need patience, hard work and time to pick up all the pieces.”

Future yourself with love and affection in the right place. In Your Newborn is a Blessing, Josephine Holgado M.D. emphasizes that when you plan to be a parent soon, you need to value yourself and believe that you can be the best parent in the world. “Any emotional distress that you feel reverberates inside you, and could affect your baby`s growth and development.”

Parenting is a mission. In Amusing Grace, Rossane C. Romero debunks the notion that you can categorize your children in certain personality types. For her, there is no such thing as a typical child. “My kids weren`t typical anythings. They were mishmash of personas.” Raising kids is a hands-on experience, she says, and it is not an academic course, You fine-tune responses as you learn, and it deosn`t really end anywhere. ”

Kerygma Books are endorsed by popular inspirational speaker Bo Sanchez:“What makes these books so engaging is the sincerity. These authors are not just sharing lessons they are sharing with you their lives. They know your struggles because they too have been there. And they are going to help you go through it.”

Kerygma Books are available in all leading bookstores nationwide. You can also purchase  the books in digital format by visiting Kerygma Books holds office in Cubao, Quezon City with telephone number 725.99.99. You may also email them at

** This is a Press Release from Shepherd`s  Voice Publication.

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