Food Review: Exclusive Food Tasting at Sky Garden Steak House

S2Hello Sweeties!

It was not my first time to visit Ace Hotel & Suites found at United corner Brixton  Streets, Kapitolyo Pasig. But this is the first time I got to dine at their Sky Garden Steak House located at the 8th floor, courtesy of Certified Bloggers Group. 


Elegantly decorated with the great romantic atmosphere. Perfect for couples celebrating their special days

The venue is designed to have this romantic yet vibrant vibe.  They promised exquisitely prepared and presented cuisine.


Their Food Tasting menu prepared for today`s guest

Sky Garden Steak House prepared a 6 course meal for us to experience today. I became so excited when I read the menu!  Want to see the actual meal? Read on!

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Event: Bloggers Paradise at Blogapalooza2014

Hello Sweeties!

With the postponement of the first scheduled Blogapalooza2014 last September, let`s just say my excitement for this event increased ten folds.  For my first Blogapalooza I flew solo this time because Raffy had her football training. I was stoked and curious about the event. Of course I also know I will see some Blogger friends there as well.

I came early since I had to leave early. Provinciana ini! It was a good thing. The booths just opened and there were no lines.

Fair warning for you sweeties, this post is photo heavy.


I got my name event pass! Yay!


Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and his son.

Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet is one of the organizers of Blogapalooza2014. This is the 2nd time I met him, since he also did a talk about blogging for BDJ Rendezvous. I called him by his first name when I asked for a selfie. He was very nice.

I randomly, yes randomly wandered the booths. clearly I had no plan on how to go about checking out the various booths but for this post I will give a sense of order in my wandering.

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