Food Review: Exclusive Food Tasting at Sky Garden Steak House

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It was not my first time to visit Ace Hotel & Suites found at United corner Brixton  Streets, Kapitolyo Pasig. But this is the first time I got to dine at their Sky Garden Steak House located at the 8th floor, courtesy of Certified Bloggers Group. 


Elegantly decorated with the great romantic atmosphere. Perfect for couples celebrating their special days

The venue is designed to have this romantic yet vibrant vibe.  They promised exquisitely prepared and presented cuisine.


Their Food Tasting menu prepared for today`s guest

Sky Garden Steak House prepared a 6 course meal for us to experience today. I became so excited when I read the menu!  Want to see the actual meal? Read on!

Before I share photos of my delectable meal,  Let me tell you about Ace Hotel and Suites which is where the restaurant is located. For those unfamiliar, Ace Group is beast known for their awesome Ace Water Spa the Philippines`s First European Spa concept that offers an array of Hydrotherapy Massages for the entire family.


Sample of the One Bedroom Suite

They have since expanded and is now boasting an entire Hotel & Suites plus a bar, a coffee lounge and family KTV.  Ace Hotel & Suites is a great option for families or group of friends to get away from the chaos of the city but close enough not to be hampered by a long travel.

Now on with the Food Tasting!


Appetizer: Shrimp and Curry

We started our meal with the Shrimp and Curry appetizer. It was beautifully plated, the shrimp when dipped in the curry sauce gave it just the right balance of flavors along with the fresh asparagus. It really got my appetite ready for the next course.


Bread and Dip: Garlic Bread with Mushroom Antipasto

This creamy entrée, came to our table piping hot, uber delish when the antipasto is spread liberally over the bread!


Soup: Seafood Consomme

I am not partial to clear soups so I did not get this option for the soup but it was cool to see how they served it at Sky Garden Steak House where the waiter would pour it out of a ceramic pot.


Soup: Cream Pumpkin and Carrots

I made the right choice when I ordered this soup. It was creamy, velvety-smooth and I can actually taste both the pumpkin (Squash is one of my favorite vegetables) and carrots with each spoonful.


Salad: Mixed Greens with Sesame Dressing

At first I thought the mixed greens with sesame dressing was ordinary until I took a bite and found that they also have a variety of nuts in this salad as well! I enjoyed the contrast not only in the different flavors but also in the texture of this course.


Steak: OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin served with mashed potato, corn and vegetables


Steak: St. Helen`s USDA Choice Rib Eye served with stewed potatoes & butted vegetables

For the steak they gave us 4 choices to try. I am sad that I could only take a photo of 2 of the choices. The one on top looked very appetizing but I am sure I could`t finish everything on that plate and the Mommy in me kicked in and I did not want to waste anything so I opted for the St. Helen`s USDA Choice Rib Eye. When they bought in front of me I inhaled deeply. The aroma itself made my mouth water. This is 300g piece of meat, cooked medium well. I usually have my meat medium to well done but since it is rib eye, I want my meat to be really tender when I bite into it. The meat was cooked just right, soft and tender. The vegetables still firm to the bite.  I paced myself so I could finish it all! lol


Dessert: Creme Brûlée

Dessert is always my favorite part of the any meal. maybe because I grew up with a Mom that creates a lot of great baked goods. Their Creme Brûlée needs a bit of work though. It tasted predominately of egg, I could`t taste any of the vanilla in the custard. I was expecting a crunch when I sank my spoon in it but alas there was no crunch nor did I taste any on the topped sugar.  I hope they improve their recipe for this.


Drink: Red Iced Tea

I had their excellent Red iced tea with this meal instead of a glass a red wine.

Sky Garden Steak House 6 course meal was a win for me. I savor and enjoyed every bite and it is a great place to have a romantic dinner with your loved one.


Ace VIP Card

After a satisfying meal, All the guests received this token from Ace Hotel & Suites; our very own ACE VIP Cards!  It is actually pre-loaded with great treats the card holders can enjoy including a FREE Spa ticket on your birthday that you can use during your birthday week! Yay!

I enjoyed that very tasty meal from Sky Garden Steak House. If you enjoyed reading my experience, why don`t you try it out yourselves?

Sky Garden Steak House: 
Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 6pm to 10pm
Call 628-18-88 for table reservations
Follow their FB:
Instagram: @skygardensteakhouse

To learn more about Ace Hotel & Suites

Until next time!

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