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Hello Sweeties!

With the postponement of the first scheduled Blogapalooza2014 last September, let`s just say my excitement for this event increased ten folds.  For my first Blogapalooza I flew solo this time because Raffy had her football training. I was stoked and curious about the event. Of course I also know I will see some Blogger friends there as well.

I came early since I had to leave early. Provinciana ini! It was a good thing. The booths just opened and there were no lines.

Fair warning for you sweeties, this post is photo heavy.


I got my name event pass! Yay!


Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and his son.

Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet is one of the organizers of Blogapalooza2014. This is the 2nd time I met him, since he also did a talk about blogging for BDJ Rendezvous. I called him by his first name when I asked for a selfie. He was very nice.

I randomly, yes randomly wandered the booths. clearly I had no plan on how to go about checking out the various booths but for this post I will give a sense of order in my wandering.

Beauty and all things kikay

As someone that likes experimenting and trying out new beauty products in the market, it is no surprise that most of the booths that piqued my interest are that of the ones below.


Sampleroomph freebie with one of my favorite brands Zenutrients

I love the set up of Sampleroomph. I have been a VIP Member of Sampleroomph for the past year and I do enjoy the perks of trying a product before committing to the entire full size item. Other than beauty products my kids can also try it as well. Some of the brands that line of dresser and shelves today are products I tried from my beauty boxes and Sampleroomph. I got these  Zenutrients pack in my Sampleroomph bag


Sampleroom Prize: Burt`s Bees Gift Pack

I also got this Burt`s Bees Gift Bag from the event via the stage raffle. The bag was so cute!


Jergens Excited about their 7days Challenge

Jergen Philippines has a 7days Challenge for bloggers. They will send the products and they will have a task for each of the 7 days that the participant will have to complete, I and am so up for the challenge.


Flawless Steam Cell Serum and Cream

There was a dart game at the Flawless booth, alas, I was not very good at it but I am happy that I got these though. Iba na talaga ang Alagang Flawless!


Caronia Booth Featuring their Ballet Philippines inspired Blue Moon! I love it!

Caronia Philippines gave out their newest collection,  in partnership with Ballet Philippine Blue Moon.  This collection is great because a portion of the proceeds will go to Ballet Philippines Foundation to help support the color and the art of dance. We all need a bit more culture in our lives don`t we? I love the bright metallic tinge in these. Bouree has become my favorite color from this collection.


Bioessence turns 20!

Bioessence Spa celebrates 20 years and for Blogapalooza 2014 they treated the bloggers with a facial, the free premium service coupon.

Health, Rest and Relaxation


Maxicare Stressball

Maxicare Health Care Insurance is one of the well known health care insurance in the country today and during they event they presented some of their plans and policies that I feel were quite interesting. I am going to look at their plans since I have kids and we need to have health insurance.


Ace Water Spa

Ace Water Spa is the prefect place to go to have your stay cation within the city.  I have yet to try their Hotel and Suites but it could be the perfect place for our family`s mini break when my hubsy arrives.

Fashion/ Footwear


Crocs Footwear have these beautiful colors! I love how soft their footwear are.

Crocs Philippines, one of the most colorful and fun footwear in the market today. The colors lively candy colors will keep you smiling. I also like their colorful pen and keychain that came with the press kit.

Promotions and Public Relations


AMPR the PR Group that bought us the Celebrated I #ShoweredwithCoco

AMPR the company that bought us the I Showered with Coco / Showered with Dial Coco Water and a lot of other campaigns was there as well. I finally got to pick up my Dial gift pack that I can`t wait to review them.

Techie Stuff


I got this lens pen from Henry’s Camera Professional perfect for my Nikon, I am also in the market for a smaller camera and found their recomendations helpful.


Acer Philippines Explore World Wide

Acer Philippines gave each blogger a passport and we got to try out their gadgets on display. I want to Explore World Wide. They also gave out the  a  souvenir photo, name tag and pen that lights up!


Won these cute Minions while playing UFO Catcher at the Globe App booth.

Globe and Globe apps, I have been an active Glove subscriber and I am so glad they they these new apps to download in your smart phones. Globe Deals and Globe Cloud, I also got to play their UFO Catcher which I admit I had misgivings since I don`t have steady hands for it but low and behold! I caught 2 out of the 2 Minions I set out to get! My kids thought it was hilarious but no matter I kept both stuff toys in commemoration of my success.


Touch Pay APM 16g USB

Touch Pay APM, in this day an age it is more convenient  to go cash less Touch Pay Automated Payment Machine is perfect for taking care of our bill payment, prepaid load and other things.  Check out their Touch Pay video.


Spin the wheel and do the dare!

Zomato is an interesting app I just recently uploaded on my smartphone. It is a Restaurant finder site and you can post photos and blog about your food experience. I do like this app a lot since I can post or rather repost my blog in this app. I got to play a game. The longest voice: I love Zomato. They game me a gift bag after lol.

Food for the Foodies
Wandering the booths is tiring work. That is why I am so glad that they had these free food and drinks at some of the booths. I also got to play games for prizes.


Chip Ahoy! Chewy Mint Chocolate Chip

Chip Ahoy chewy Miny Chocolate Chip…need I say more?


Bai Hai Draft Beer, Yellow Cab Cheese Pizza and Maki

I did not get a shot of my Krispy Kream creation. I ate it all at once lol.


House of Lasagna

I am a fan of all Pasta. House of Lasagna is no exception. And I am so glad I got the 100php gc to use in their Centris branch which is near my work place.


With Mommy Armi at the Chooks to Go booth.

Mommy Armi from Mommy Bloggers Philippines became my partner in this game and we got GCs from Chooks to Go and FoodPanda. We started slow but we finished really well.


Max Chicken Mascot! I wanted to take him home.

Max Restaurant gave out their limited edition tumbler to bloggers. I also have this photo with their mascot.


Eagle`s Wings Enterprises, When in Manila and Our Awesome Planet

The first eco bag I got during the Blogapalooza2014 and the very nice souvenir mug both from Eagle`s Wings Enterprises.

There were a lot of prizes given away during the event. And two days after, there were still prizes! I got a tweet from CaroniaPh that I won their complete gift pack.


Post Blogapalooza2014 Prize from Caronia Philippines!

My Blogapalooza2014 Haul,  I would also like to add Zap, Doctor Kong Dyson Philippines and SkyCable (SkyZone), they are all there somewhere in that pile.

I liked that this event was indoors, there were seats to rest my feet. There was a program on stage and there was entertainment.in between.

I swear I would plan more for next year. I will bring a friend or a plus one to take my photos. I will bring a bigger bag, calling cards and plan my route to the booths!

It was such a fun event, I saw a lot of other Blogger friends, of course the Mommy Bloggers Philippines! Thank you When In Manila and Our Awesome Planet for this awesome event!

What did you think of this event?

Until next time sweeties!

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