Dragon Product Review: Typing in Pink, A Review of Logitech K380 Wireless Keyboard + Accessories

Multi-Device Logitech K380 Wireless Keyboard


Hello Sweeties,

Although my Macbook Pro has it’s own keyboard and mind you, it is working perfectly. I felt the need to get another keyboard to supplement it since I bought the laptop stand, I was having a hard time typing while the keyboard it is tilted.

I looked into the possibility of getting another keyboard that has the functions similar to my Mac but also compacts and comes in an attractive color.

Yes. let us admit, color is also a factor when we purchase anything we will make use of in the long run.

Pink, well it looks more like nude but the box says it’s pink

You can see that the keys are round and because of it’s size, the keys are closer together. I have small hands making it easier for me to type. The keys are placed the same way as my Macbook keyboard, so I did not have that much of an adjustment when it came to typing.

View from the back, it has rubber grips on all sides so no slips when typing

K380 Logitech comes with two AAA batteries that they say would last 2 months with normal use

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PhotoFast Launches i-FlashDrive HD Devices in the Philippine Market

PhotoFast 2

Hello Sweeties!

Don’t you just hate it when you find out that your iPhone is just about the burst because of all the photos, videos and whatnot you have stored inside and you are traveling and have no way to transfer these precious files? What are you going to do? How will you pick and choose what to save and what to toss? Aaaah the agony!

Fear not. You don’t have to got through tough choices because now there is the compact i-Flash Drives from PhotoFast HD Devices.

I was invited to a recent launch of PhotoFast’s newest addition to their line of ultra compact i-FlashDrive HDs.

So what exactly is PhotoFast?

PhotoFast 1

PhotoFast, a Taiwanese based brand and creator of the world’s fastest and smallest memory cards, has united iOS and Mac/PC and even Android devices here in the Philippines with the launch of super-fast, portable, memory expansion devices with OTG function.

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