Dragon Product Review: Experience Military Grade Protection for your iPad Mini with Urban Armor Gear

U1Hello Sweeties!

I got Raffy a iPad Mini to use in lieu  of her laptop, which is bulky. An iPad Mini weight less and she can travel with it everywhere since she likes to read and take photos when we are on the go.

I got her a generic iPad case when I first purchased the gadget, I have yet to find a case suitable for the iPad Mini that is until Urban Armor Gear.

What is UAG? Urban Armor Gear or UAG is founded in Southern California, U.S.A. considered the hot bed of adventure play. Their products inspire the very nature of adventure. You can tell by the design of their products. UAG pushes the limit of conventional ideas.

I was very pleased for the opportunity to review their iPad Mini Case.

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Dragon Product Review: Why Every Mac Book needs a Tech21 Impact Snap Case**

wpid-photogrid_1416224807160.jpgHello Sweeties!

I have had my Macbook Pro 13″ for almost a year now and it was my hubsy’s Christmas present/ Anniversary gift, It is the most sophisticated piece of hardware I own. It is a thing of beauty. I bought a generic snap case for my MacBook Pro but to be honest I am not confident it can actually protect my precious MacBook.
For the longest time I have been treating my Mac like an infant. I was afraid to leave the house with my it because I was afraid that I would dent it during the commute. In fact, my Mac never leaves my room because the kids are constantly underfoot and I was afraid they would end up spilling something on it, heaven forbid bump into it or sit/step/ squish it! Oh the horror!

This is one reason why I was so happy for the opportunity to review the Tech21 Impactology Impact Snap Case.

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