Event: Breast Day Ever 2015 Let us be Inspired, Informed and Involved

Breast Day Ever 2015

As a woman of a certain age, it is best for us to take care of our health not just our vanity. This is one reason why I decided to attend the Breast Day Ever 2015 held at SM Megamall Bridgeway.

What do we really know about breast cancer? Aside from the fact that it is not contagious, but it is a hereditary disease.

Did you know that….

80% of breast lumps in women are cysts non-cancerous or caused by hormones.

70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no identifiable risk factors, meaning everyone is at risk and maybe susceptible to the disease.

Gender does not matter, even males can have breast cancer!

Have I piqued your curiosity? Read on to learn more.



I came a bit later than 10 AM, but the workshop has not started yet. BreastDayEver2015  is a project of DLSU and The Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc.  

It seeks to educate young women ages 16- 26 about the perils of Breast Cancer.  This event attracted women and men from all ages and economic persuasion.

We were grouped into 4 sessions, more like a workshop that will expose us to information and debunk myths about breast cancer.

Breast Day Ever Cycle A

First session with a Doctor from East Avenue Medical Center

My first workshop session was with Dr. Fernando Roque, oncologist from East Avenue Medical Center who talks about the possible treatments and medication if and when one is diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Not all breast lumps are cancerous: However,  once these lumps permit and changes in breast tissue occur it is best to see a doctor for a clinical breast exam. Apart from seeing a doctor regularly and getting a clinical breast exam annually, one should perform regular breast exams after menstruation period and have routine mammograms


Ms. Malou Cortez, President of the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc.

Our 2nd session  was conducted by Ms. Malou Cortez of the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc., Kasusu I found this session specially enlightening since she mentioned that women from should focus not just on our faces when we look at the mirror but also our breast.It is not just the Kanya, Kanyang Salat ng Susu or self-examination of the breast but the more we get to know our breast the more we are familiar with it and we would know what to look for.

Mammograms are recommended for women 40 years old and above (like myself). Undergoing mammograms do not completely prevent breast cancer, However it helps in detecting the cancer at an early and treatable stage.


Ms. Rachel of East Avenue Medical Center

For our 3rd Session it was emphasized that everyone is at risk and there are aspects within us like our own family history that we cannot change but there are aspects we have control of life our lifestyle and diet.

Only 10% of breast cancer are caused by abnormal genes that are passed on to the child. Most women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history. 90% are caused by other factors like the environment and one`s lifestyle.

Underwire bras do not cause breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer is the same for women who wear bras and those who don`t.


Dra. Marlene Barza (pathologist)

Our final session talks about how to battle cancer and how we can cope if and when we do have the disease.

There is a slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer in women who started to menstruate before the age of 11 years old and/or women who went through menopause after the age of 55 years old.

The risk of developing breast cancer can be reduced by exercising regularly, keeping a healthy diet and limiting alcohol intake.


Illustrated info from, ihadcancer.com website

I have added the illustrated Breast Cancer 101 info above, this what we more or less learned during our whole day session.


Testimonials from the ladies who have been there. left: Actress Glenda Garcia, upper right: Nori (20 years old) bottom right: Jennica (20 years old)

In between the sessions and the lunch and snack break we were introduced to these great women who are undergoing chemo therapy or have survived breast cancer. It amazes me that the ladies that shared their experiences were so young. Just in their 20s! They are inspirations to us all.


The Pledge Shirt from all 4 groups who underwent the workshop

The participants were asked to write their pledges on this pink shirt. A promise to share the knowledge they learned today and to spread the word.

There were booths from their sponsors spread out at the venue.


Nail It!


Fitness Buddy


Happy Pod


Human Nature

I got to play some of the unique games with the Breast Cancer awareness theme and visit the sponsor`s booth. They also held best group selfie which my group won! Yay!


All the participants got to take home these goodies

I was also one of the lucky winners in their raffle, E blouissant handcrafted earrings by Fideliz Cimatu and Mark and Spencer GCs for 4 pairs of T-shirt Bras.


2 sets T-shirt Bras from Mark and Spencer

Thank you for these gifts from #BreastDayEver2015 and the organizers.

Breast Cancer has become a cold reality for me after attending this event. The more information I learn the more I become aware that I really know nothing about this diseases.

To be honest I have not really thought about breast cancer or the possibility of my being a victim of the disease. This event opened my eyes to the dangers of not taking batter care of myself and my love ones.

I would have liked a more extensive session with some of the speakers like Dr. Roque and Ms. Cortez. more about the nitty gritty like the cost of treatment and support groups for Breast Cancer victims.

If you have any questions and inquiries about Breast Cancer Support and Treatment you can get in touch with them PFBCI at https://www.facebook.com/kasusongpinay/

Until next time!


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