Event: Bare for Bare the Newest Skincare Brand from Singapore

Bare to Bare Project Vanity

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As one of Project Vanity`s loyal subscribers I got first info about the events they are having. Happily, I got to sign up for their Bare for bare Skincare mix matching Bare Scents Event at the Beautybar Central Square at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig.

Bare for Bare Event

Bare Skincare is a newest brand that hit the Philippines, They are a Singapore based Skincare brand that focuses on both hair and body. Harnessing the goodness of nature, the bare skincare line uses pure natural ingredients and organic botanicals to cleanse and soothe. The result s are elegantly perfumed products that are paraben-free!

They have the dark pump bottles for their body care and the white pump bottles for haircare.

Want to know more about these fabulous new products? Read on!

Bare for bare sampling

Bare Skincare Brand Director Rachel teachers us how to mix our scents

The scent mixing workshop will focus on the body care line or the lotions. Bare has five body formulas including refreshing peppermint, invigorating lemongrass and ginger, calming bergamot and geranium (unavailable for sampling during the event), soothing green tea and relaxing rosemary.

According to Bare brand manager Rachel, All the scents are anchored with protective seaweed which helps reduce the stress we experience in the environment, UV damage, it also helps improve skin texture and firmness.  All the scents can be mixed and matched or used on  it`s own, whatever you prefer.

Bare for Bare mix of Green Tea and Peppermint

I love both Greentea and Peppermint so I choose to mixed these two together to create my signature body scent

We sampled all the lotions they had on hand, and they we selected the mix we wanted. A lot of the ladies decided on green tea right off because Liz of Project Vanity is a fan of Green Tea. I am also an advocate of Green Tea since it is not only soothing but also calming.  Trivia: I use Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden as a signature scent for work.

There is nothing to the mixing of scents, You just combine whatever scent you like and sniff, if it satisfies you, you can transfer it in a container and that is it.

Bare For Bare with Liz and Rachel

Project Vanity Editor-in-Chief Liz Lanuzo with Bare Skincare Brand Manger

I love my Green Tea and Peppermint scent! The Bare Skincare lotion is very light, the texture is velvety, your skin absorbs it fast and because I used Green tea and Peppermint in my lotion, it is very calming and refreshing.  This scent makes me feel happy all day.

Bare for Bare Sampler Lotion

Beauty bar and Bare Skincare`s generous loot for the participants The Bare Lotion Sampler with 4 of their lovely scents plus our personal mix

Each of participant were given the Bare Body Lotion sampler, a generous gift from Beautybar and Bare Skincare.

Bare for Bare Body Wash

They also had a promotion. Buy 1, get the 2nd item at 20% off plus a 3rd item free!

I also got to take advantage of their promo just for today and hoard some Green Tea Body Wash

Thank you Project Vanity team for the opportunity to attend this event!

Bare to Bare My Mood

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    • joeydragonlady says:

      Hi Francine, the empty bottle is for a mix of your own choosing. It can be a bit of everything, I have to warn you it is not easy getting it all in an empty bottle. I prefer to put it in a small cream container , less hassle.

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