Dragon Product Review: Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids

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Kids today seem to be attached to their gadgets. That is part of the reality I have come to accept.  As a Mom, I can’t help but worry about my son’s hearing, he would be glued to his tablet for hours while playing his favorite games or watching his favorite videos. I usually have him use one of my ear buds but I try my best to lock the sound to a manageable level but it is hard to keep an eye on him on him 24/7.

I was very happy to get the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids to review.


Key features:

* Grown-up performance Built for Kids 02 years old and above
* Volume Limit Technology called KidzControl Volume Limit Technology that keeps decibels levels at a safe 80-90 so they don’t ruin young children’s hearing
* Comfort Fit Padding
* Cord Measures 1.5meter
* Adorable kiddie colors (pink, purple, blue, orange, green)
* Lifetime Limited Warranty
* Priced at 1190php

What is in the box?
KidzGear with Jarod’s Tab
The headphones in this adorable apple green shade that really attracts kids. The first thing I noticed is that it is the perfect size for kids.
The Kidz Control Volume Limit adapter
The volume adjusted and clip
Before letting your child use the KidzGear headphones, you need to insert the KidzControl Volume Limit Adapter, even if they turn the volume control to high the sound level remains at an acceptable level.

Jarod, my road testing KidzGear headphones:
Now I don’t hear any sound blaring from the headphones.
Fit the ears perfectly and doesn’t pinch the ears.
Adjustable headband

I also tried out the KidzGear Headphones and these are what I liked about it.

– It is light weight and sturdy
– Since the product is suitable for children 2 year old and above, there are no detachable parts and no rough edges.
– Comfortable and does not pitch the ears even when used for a long period of time
– Fits properly and does`t slip off because of the adjustable headband
– Audio quality is similar to the adult headphones
– Comes in 5 colors
– Keeps the audio at a reasonable level

I tested KidzGear headphones on my 3 year old nephew. He was not one that like to have things over his ears but I was glad that these headphones had no rough edges, it fit his small head, I have to advise the parents to wind the cord a bit to.make it shorter to avoid entaglement or chocking.

Kidz Gear is a great companion for  your child`s gadget. In fact, I know I will end up borrow it from time to time because of the great audio quality produced from these headphones. I don`t have to worry about Jarod ending up with losing his hearing because of his gadgets.

What did you think of Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids?

KidzGear is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading.They are available locally available at Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, and Digital Hub.

To learn more about Kidz Gear and their other products : https://www.facebook.com/digitstrading

Like their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GearForKidz/

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* This is not a paid review, but a sample of the product was provided for review purposes.

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