Dragon Product Review: Sanuk Hybrid of Shoe and Sandal (Donna Mixed Up)


Hello Sweeties!

How has your week been? I want to apologize for the virtual non-posting. My internet connection is shoddy. PLDTHomeBro service is bad. But I digress, I juat want to share my love for these very special pair of footwear I bought recently for the summer.

I am a commuter, since birth like most of us. I am nor complaining mind you, just stating a fact. So I am always in the look out for comfortable yet fashionable foorwear. I usually wear flats or wedges to work as per office order, I also get a day to wear casual or I like to think Funky footwear on a Friday.


Sanuk is a Thai word for “Fun” which is exactly what the brand is all about. They tote these babies as “The World’s FIRST and only true sandal/shoe Hybrid”. Designed primarily for surfers or beach lovers Sanuk is the epitomy of style and comfort for the laid back crowd.


Sanuk is patented and combines the year round style and protection of a shoe with the natural comfort of a sandal.


I like to wear casual shoes, mostly sneakers, slip ons and regular flats. I like foorwear because I am always on my feet, I do like to feel comfortable while walking for hours.

These are called Sanuk Donna Mixed-up. Priced at 2,790php or around 65 US Dollars.


What I like about Sanuk:

* * Comfortable, they live down to their moniker Never Uncomfortable. I wore them while on field work for more than 12 hours and no pain, yay!

* * My feet can actually breath, it is probablly the canvas cloth. I usually like to kick off my shoes as soon as I sit down, but I didn’t feel that way with Sanuk.

* * The design is so pretty! Sanuk has a lot of designs and styles to choose from. I plan to get pair for my daughter as well.

* * light weight, as light as sandals

* * Sturdy, the soles are very thick and I hope they last me a long while.

Tips when buying Sanuk:

* You need to try one on personally. So you are certain that it fit you.

* Sanuk fits snugly so it is better to get one a size smaller than your actual size, the material expands and fits to you feet.

* It would be better to wear them without socks. This is actually my preferance, and it is more comfortable, I promise.

* I saw a replica of Sanuk at a Bazzar and it is really NOT the same. Not the same light canvass and patented sole. So don’t settle just because it is cheaper than the authentic ones.

If you are like me and constantly on the move, I suggest you go for the comfort and style of a pair of Sanuk.

Check out their Facebook: https://facebook.com/sanukph/

What do you think of Sanuk?

Until next time!




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