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Kyonchon Eastwood

Hello Sweeties!

I have been planning on trying out the chicken place that had the Lee Min Ho standee, but I never got around to it, so when Zomato got in touch with me, I jumped at the chance to try out their famed and award winning chicken recipes.

KyoChon Panoramic

2nd floor view, with foodie bloggers at the Kyochon Foodie meet-up by Zomato

When I entered KyoChon Eastwood,  it reminded me a great deal of a place my classmates used to go to at University, it is our to go place when we want to go drinking lol.

KyoChon Chicken sets themselves apart from the rest of the chicken places with their promise of  honest, healthy chicken using natural ingredients.  There are 3 things you can't find in KyoChon`s food, that is  No glacier acetic acid, no sodium saccharine, no  MSG

Kyochon is also known for making their own authentic original sauces, this made me very excited. I have seen a great many Korean dramas with the main character eating coated chicken, it has made want to experience it.

What to know more of about KyoChon?  Read on!

KyoChon Chicken has a wait time. I know a lot of us are always in a rush but still, I really liked that the food is cooked when ordered and not in a warmer for several hours.

KyoChon Soonsal

Kyochon Soy Soonsal  (480php)

Soonsal is boneless chicken breast strips coated in special rice batter that you won’t find anywhere else! Comes with a choice of 2 dipping sauces! (Soy and Honey mustard) I enjoyed the texture of the chicken and surprisingly it is not at all dry on the inside.

KyoChon Orignal

KyoChon Original Chicken (540php)

This is by far my favorite KyoChon chicken, crunchy and crispy chicken coated in their exclusive soy garlic glaze. My very first bite, the sound of the crunching sound was heaven!  The chicken is very moist and surprisingly not as greasy as any of the other chicken brands that I tried.  Their warning is true… it is addicting and you don`t stop wth just one plate.

KyoChon Honey

KyoChon Honey Chicken (540php)

Marinated for 24 hours in their special seasoning, then fried to perfection and coated with natural honey sauce. Sweet and sticky, but never runny.  I found out during the event that KyoChon uses real honey to coat each and every piece and then manually fry it. You can tell when you pick up it is sticky due to the honey. It would be really cool if they had the combination of sweet and spicy variant of this.

KyoChon Red

KyoChon Red (540php)

Not for the faint at heart, these KyoChon Red, glazed with the original hot sauce made from Korea’s hottest red chili peppers! I tried like 2 of these and stopped, coz I doubt if my heart can take it, eating something so spicy in the evening.  The KyoChon Red is perfect with a brew and/or with a large serving of white rice.

KyoChon Red Chicken Eating contest

Zomato oganized a KyoChon Red Chicken Contest. 2 foodie groups, 3 on three whoever finished the fastest wins the game. Guess who won?  he he he you`d be surprised.

Kyochon feast

KyoChon Chicken feast

I really enjoyed my time at KyoChon, A great place for those who don`t mind getting their hands dirty (coz chicken is best dined on using our fingers), along with an ice cold brew and best with a group of friends, to hang out and to chatter about their day or week.

Thank you Zomato and Kyochon for having me!

Kyochon feast

Until next time!


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