Dragon Foodie Review: KyoChon Chicken

Kyonchon Eastwood

Hello Sweeties!

I have been planning on trying out the chicken place that had the Lee Min Ho standee, but I never got around to it, so when Zomato got in touch with me, I jumped at the chance to try out their famed and award winning chicken recipes.

KyoChon Panoramic

2nd floor view, with foodie bloggers at the Kyochon Foodie meet-up by Zomato

When I entered KyoChon Eastwood,  it reminded me a great deal of a place my classmates used to go to at University, it is our to go place when we want to go drinking lol.

KyoChon Chicken sets themselves apart from the rest of the chicken places with their promise of  honest, healthy chicken using natural ingredients.  There are 3 things you can't find in KyoChon`s food, that is  No glacier acetic acid, no sodium saccharine, no  MSG

Kyochon is also known for making their own authentic original sauces, this made me very excited. I have seen a great many Korean dramas with the main character eating coated chicken, it has made want to experience it.

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Dragon Foodie Review: Sisig Society Sizzling Feast Promo

Sisig Society Sisig Feast

Hello Sweeties!

The beasties and I came from an event in Makati,  and you know how I hate staying in the area long because of hectic atmosphere. We opted to have our late late lunch (it was around 2pm) at our favorite stop over, Eastwood. Raffy felt like having sisig, a personal favorite.

Sisig Society located at Eastwood Walk we go. This was not our first time dinning there but it has been a while. The place was empty when we got there. Rightly so since it was around 2:30pm and the lunch hour crowd came and went. We had the place to ourselves!

They had a special summer offer, They call it the Sizzling Feast, it has their bestsellers, Crispy Pork Sisig, Spicy Chicken Sisig, Crispy Kare-kare and Sisig Nachos, for only P599. The meal is good for 3-4 persons depending on their appetite and comes with 4 ice teas and 4 servings of plain rice.

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