Working in Pink: The Dragon Work From Home Gear

My work from home set-up

Hello Sweeties, 

It has been 6 months give or take since I posted anything, apologies.  I have been too busy with my work that I rarely got time to work on other things.  I am fortunate enough that I can do part of my work online, although I miss my broadcast board work and the people I work with a lot. This is the reality we have to work with now.

My children often say that I have the attention span of a teaspoon (similar to Ron Weasley) This is partly true. I get bored easily. Aside from work I have started falling for Animal Crossing, a Nintendo Switch game and the color PINK.  I will write about my love for Animal Crossing in a separate post for now, indulge me with my new love for Pink.

I just turned 50 this year. A golden year for my generation and then bam! COVID happened. We are all locked up inside the house.  CABIN FEVER !

I did not really intended for everything to match but it ended up that way…

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Dragon Unbagging: Project Vanity Wanderlust Kit

Hello Sweeties!

I miss getting a BDJ Box every month. I guess I like trying out new products and finding out what works for me / my daughter Raffy.  That is why I am so glad that Project Vanity decided to come out with a Project Vanity Kit every month, It has become one of my addictions really. I bought the Project Vanity Girl Boss Glam Kit around July and now I am ready for their new kit.

It is not really a kit but more of a small hand bag.  Wanna know what`s in the bag? Read on!

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