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My work from home set-up

Hello Sweeties, 

It has been 6 months give or take since I posted anything, apologies.  I have been too busy with my work that I rarely got time to work on other things.  I am fortunate enough that I can do part of my work online, although I miss my broadcast board work and the people I work with a lot. This is the reality we have to work with now.

My children often say that I have the attention span of a teaspoon (similar to Ron Weasley) This is partly true. I get bored easily. Aside from work I have started falling for Animal Crossing, a Nintendo Switch game and the color PINK.  I will write about my love for Animal Crossing in a separate post for now, indulge me with my new love for Pink.

I just turned 50 this year. A golden year for my generation and then bam! COVID happened. We are all locked up inside the house.  CABIN FEVER !

I did not really intended for everything to match but it ended up that way…

Dragon Chatter WFM Gear 2020

This is just a listing of miscellaneous items I bought to keep me occupied during this pandemic and it is NOT a sponsored post.

NIYE mouse P288.00

It all started with a mouse. I don’t usually use a mouse since I started using my MacBook Pro. I wanted to work faster so I looked for a wireless mouse online.  I found a lovely  1 ) NIYE brand mouse for P288.00, not only is it wireless it is also rechargeable and silent.

Neutrale desk mat P300.00 plus P50 for personlised name

2) Desk mat  that doubles as a mouse pad on Neutrale.  In also got one for my entire family.

Foldable laptop stand with non-slip holder for P389.00

Then came the  3) adjustable foldable laptop stand with non-slip holder for P389.00 because I have been having back problems constantly looking down at the screen.

Desktop mobile/tablet phone stand P149.00

4) Desktop mobile phone stand lazy tablet holder for P149.00.

MacBook charger wrap P228.00

Afterwards I worried about my MacBook charger it started getting scuffed, so I bought a 5) soft silicone cover case protector for MacBook Pro charger  for  P228.00.

Logitech K380 P1,899.00

My daughter told me I need to be careful with my keyboard since my MacBook is almost 10 years and I keep pounding on the keys like there was no tomorrow.  I bought a 6) Logitech K380 multi-device bluetooth wireless keyboard for P1,899.00.

Keyboard film cover P299.00

To protect the Logitech K380 keyboard, I purchased a  7) keyboard film dust waterproof cover  P248.00 and the felt anti-shock carrying case P299.00.

felt anti-shock carrying case P299.00

MacBook protective case P514.00

My old MacBook hard case as done its duty and so I bought a 8) protective case for P514.00

Naizhan mini USB handheld desktop/ keyboard vacuum cleaner P243.00

10) Naizhan mini USB handheld desktop/ keyboard vacuum cleaner P243.00

Daiso cord wrapper P88.00.

I got all these items from Shopee except for the desk mat and the cord holder at Daiso.

I feel very energized when ever I start my work because all the items I am using match or as my Raffy says, I am nothing if not consistent and I enjoy the color scheme in a way it calms me and keeps me focused.

I will do a more extensive review of each item in separate post, I promise.

We all have out ways of coping with the pandemic, this is mine.

Until my next time,


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