Vanity Wins: How I became obsessed with Make-Up

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I turned 40 and “POW!” my entire point of view about beauty changed drastically. Not one of my closes and dearest friends would have anticipated this drastic change in my behaviour or as my daughter would say, “Mom, you turned cool!” not that I wasn’t cool to begin with of course but I was more the old school kind of cool, the kind that

thinks that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it doesn’t matter what you look like in the outside but it’s what’s inside that counts.

I still think that, but seriously when you’re in your forties nerdish and you’re in my line of work (meaning you have to talk to a lot of people from all walks of life, do interviews and sometime the TV cameras would swing by your direction…) it would be a plus for me to look good.

So begins my interest with make-up and beauty products. I am pretty protective if my skin really. I Wash, I cleanse, I exfoliate and I moisturise. Coz I want to look at least 25 even when I am 40, this is a pretty mean feat but I do end up fooling a lot of people coz of my skin regiment.

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I became a fan of Étude House a Korean cosmetics brand last year. They have the cutest stuff. Not to mention most of the make up is hypoallergenic and is great for sensitive skin. Which for me is a big plus. I had a terrible experience with Mary Kay cleansing products that I ended up breaking into hives. I never bought Mary Kay products again after that.

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These are my Étude House haul, the ones I am still using.

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I also bought a vanity kit Personal size from Legallyvain at Multiply. It is so cool! Although I think I needed more space, maybe when I get enough money I would get a great portable dresser, one with lights.

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20120210-080959 PM.jpg

20120210-081027 PM.jpg

20120210-081052 PM.jpg

20120210-081113 PM.jpg

as you can see the vanity kit is filled the the brim

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I have a separate kit for my cleansing stuff, and my foot spa stuff.

I don’t know why but around this time I just can’t resist going to those beautiful scented shops to browse, touch and test their merchandise. Today I only wanted to get a new blush since I am almost out of Maybelline blusher in cinnamon. I also wanted to get new mascara since I saw the very cute Cat’s Wink mascara at Tony Moly I wanted to check it out. Instead I got these…

20120210-083025 PM.jpg
Tony Moly was in sale, so other than the Cat’s Wink mascara I also got the make up remover called Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water and a Green Aloe multi soothing gel. I got a free BB cream sample and a Tony Moly card.

20120210-083748 PM.jpgI found a face power from face shop Lovely Me:Ex in a darker shade and just had to buy this plus the pink blusher # PK103 from Face Shop

20120210-084450 PM.jpg

this Suesh smokey eye kit is next in my to purchase list!

Sigh, sigh…I know i went over budget with these purchase but I can’t seem to control myself. I do this a lot when I buy books in the olden days…before my IPad came along. I must try to schedule my spending and prioritise. I guess I am just trying to catch up. A lot of women my face have gotten over their vanity and this is a new things for me. So what the heck? I only live once so I’ll go with it!

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Until next time!

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