Dragon Product Review: Why Every Mac Book needs a Tech21 Impact Snap Case**

wpid-photogrid_1416224807160.jpgHello Sweeties!

I have had my Macbook Pro 13″ for almost a year now and it was my hubsy’s Christmas present/ Anniversary gift, It is the most sophisticated piece of hardware I own. It is a thing of beauty. I bought a generic snap case for my MacBook Pro but to be honest I am not confident it can actually protect my precious MacBook.
For the longest time I have been treating my Mac like an infant. I was afraid to leave the house with my it because I was afraid that I would dent it during the commute. In fact, my Mac never leaves my room because the kids are constantly underfoot and I was afraid they would end up spilling something on it, heaven forbid bump into it or sit/step/ squish it! Oh the horror!

This is one reason why I was so happy for the opportunity to review the Tech21 Impactology Impact Snap Case.

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