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wpid-photogrid_1416224807160.jpgHello Sweeties!

I have had my Macbook Pro 13″ for almost a year now and it was my hubsy’s Christmas present/ Anniversary gift, It is the most sophisticated piece of hardware I own. It is a thing of beauty. I bought a generic snap case for my MacBook Pro but to be honest I am not confident it can actually protect my precious MacBook.
For the longest time I have been treating my Mac like an infant. I was afraid to leave the house with my it because I was afraid that I would dent it during the commute. In fact, my Mac never leaves my room because the kids are constantly underfoot and I was afraid they would end up spilling something on it, heaven forbid bump into it or sit/step/ squish it! Oh the horror!

This is one reason why I was so happy for the opportunity to review the Tech21 Impactology Impact Snap Case.

As I unbox the Tech 21 Snap Case, I am impressed with how light and slim (sexy) it is, one reason why I decided to invest in a MacBook Pro instead of the MacBook Air is because I have need for a DVD Rom to read the releases I usually get from clients/companies, a lightweight case is very important, the MacBook Pro weights around 4.5lbs or 2.6 kilos, the added weight of a case wouldn’t help. I was also advised by friends that I should get a decent snap case that won’t cause the screen to fall backwards when you open it at more than a 90 degree angle.
I easily snapped this case on my MacBook with minimal trouble, it molds my MacBook like seamlessly like second skin. My old snap case did not mold like this one, in fact the old one’s bottom keeps falling off when I moved my MacBook. What makes Tech21 so much better is their easy snap-on technology.

Tech21 Impact Snap case acts as a permanent protective coat for my MacBook Pro both while it is in use and in storage. According to Tech21it is created with a premium PC compound and features FlexShock™, a specifically engineered hybrid energy absorbing material which absorbs, dissipates and repels force upon impact. This gives my Mac the best possible protection possible.

The color is so chic and feminine but does not take away the beauty of the MacBook. I also like that semi-rubberized feel to it making it easier to grip and it will also avoid my MacBook from slipping from my fingers. Which usually is the case with a total klutz like me.
They have holes at the bottom to release the heat to prevent the MacBook from overheating along with the sturdy rubber legs, that’ll not let my MacBook slide off any surface.

wpid-photogrid_1416406736381.jpgIt covers my MacBook from the front, sides at and back but all the ports and control panels are easily accessible. It comes in a wide selection of colors, that would suit everyone`s personal style.
It is semi-transparent, it allows the logo to shine through. I was very excited to road test the Tech21. It made my MacBook even more stylish!
It doesn’t hamper my MacBook when you open it, you can see that it frames my MacBook just so making it ultra chic.

Although the Tech21 Impact Snap Case is pricier than the other generic brands at 3,650php, It does come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. And based on its performance it is worth every peso. If you have invested money on an expensive gadget like a MacBook, it is best to make sure you protect it with the best case there is in the market, don’t you agree?
See more at: https://www.tech21.com/impact-snap-macbook-pro-13-pink.html#sthash.GTLs2uy2.dpuf

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What do you think of the Tech21 Impact Snap Case?

Until next time Sweeties!


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* This is not a paid review but a sample of the product was sent for review purposes.

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