The Impulse to Collect, Keep the Child in You Alive!

Hello Sweeties!

I have been described by my children as an enormous kid at heart. Unlike other “more mature” individuals of the same 40 something age.  I have not gotten over collecting toys.  I used to collect all the toys from a fast food joint with the excuse that I am doing it for my children, but in reality I just want to play with them myself.

Why do adults collect toys? Well I can only speak for myself (and my husband who be the way collects toy cars, tanks and Starbucks mugs), I find the toys very cute.  To be honest they don’t have a practical use, just for display purposes. According to amazon, these toys are only good for around 10-15 years.

Which brings me back to re question of why spend money on them?

They bring about a great feeling of happiness. Like some gigantic burden has been lifted from me whenever I look at my collection. These toys, like a reminder of something good, fun and pleasant.  Life is too short not to be happy. And for something as simple as this and gives you bliss? Pure and childlike,  I guess I will forever be a child as I look at my Funko Pop! Dragon Collection.

My partial Funko Pop! Collection still in there boxeI started collecting, Funko Pop! Action Figures just last year.

I went in search of Dragons from the Game of Thrones TV Series,  like my blog suggest, I like dragons. I wanted to collect them.  My collection grew, what started off with just dragons expanded and expended to my favorite characters from books to television shows.

Daenerys – Mother of Dragons

I am thankful that my children and husband are very supportive of this “capricho” – whim.  From one or two dragons my collection has expanded and grew to unusual proportions!

I have gotten myself membership/loyalty cards to retail stores that sell Funko Pops! in Manila and started hanging out the FB pages looking for Funko. I kid you not!

It was like I was driven!

The mini Drogon, is a gift from my husband, before he left for another year abroad. It is a rare dragon from the Funko Pop! mystery box.  I still have memories of how excited he was to have acquired it for me. Besides doesn’t it look adorable in photos?

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