The Impulse to Collect, Keep the Child in You Alive!

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I have been described by my children as an enormous kid at heart. Unlike other “more mature” individuals of the same 40 something age.  I have not gotten over collecting toys.  I used to collect all the toys from a fast food joint with the excuse that I am doing it for my children, but in reality I just want to play with them myself.

Why do adults collect toys? Well I can only speak for myself (and my husband who be the way collects toy cars, tanks and Starbucks mugs), I find the toys very cute.  To be honest they don’t have a practical use, just for display purposes. According to amazon, these toys are only good for around 10-15 years.

Which brings me back to re question of why spend money on them?

They bring about a great feeling of happiness. Like some gigantic burden has been lifted from me whenever I look at my collection. These toys, like a reminder of something good, fun and pleasant.  Life is too short not to be happy. And for something as simple as this and gives you bliss? Pure and childlike,  I guess I will forever be a child as I look at my Funko Pop! Dragon Collection.

My partial Funko Pop! Collection still in there boxeI started collecting, Funko Pop! Action Figures just last year.

I went in search of Dragons from the Game of Thrones TV Series,  like my blog suggest, I like dragons. I wanted to collect them.  My collection grew, what started off with just dragons expanded and expended to my favorite characters from books to television shows.

Daenerys – Mother of Dragons

I am thankful that my children and husband are very supportive of this “capricho” – whim.  From one or two dragons my collection has expanded and grew to unusual proportions!

I have gotten myself membership/loyalty cards to retail stores that sell Funko Pops! in Manila and started hanging out the FB pages looking for Funko. I kid you not!

It was like I was driven!

The mini Drogon, is a gift from my husband, before he left for another year abroad. It is a rare dragon from the Funko Pop! mystery box.  I still have memories of how excited he was to have acquired it for me. Besides doesn’t it look adorable in photos?

Collectors Hive

Other than the retail stores, I wondered if there was a web group for collectors?

And low and behold there actually was!  I got wind from a fellow GOT Funko enthusiast of a website for collectors not just of Funko Pop! (coz my husband also collect Starbucks mugs) but for all collectors.  Collectors hive.

You don’t have to pay anything to  access the website. You just need to Register using your email address or link it with your Facebook account which is what I have done.

You don’t need to have an extensive or expensive collection to sign-up or register for an account.

All you need is A COLLECTION of items you love.  Not just toys, it could be anything.  Books, coins, antiques, stamps, mugs, bottle caps, albums, watches, even toothpaste!

Upload and Share, Trade and Sell, Search and Find the item you are interested in

As I browse through the site I also saw that you can buy, sell or trade items as well. This is great for those who are avid collectors who want to unload an item they have for something else.

I guess it is a place top bring together like minded people who share the same interest and passion.  I know for a fact that like some way forums this could be a great place to network and meet friends, plus I think they have a mobile app in the works (fingers crossed) for easier access to the site via mobile.

I have begun putting my collection in categories

The site is pretty easy to navigate, so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to learn how to load your photos into a collection.  I found that I could also expand my search to look for manga  (Japanese comic books) that  are hard to find! Hmmm, this site is indeed promising.

So if you are an sporadic collector, an avid one or a rabid one (admit it some of us are). I think Collectors Hive is worth checking out.

If you want to learn more about the site you can look at their Facebook Page:


My GOT Collection of mixed Funko Pop! Classic and Mystery Box Finds

For the Funko Pop! retailers  here are three of my to go-to stores

Big Big Toy Store:
Kramers Toy Haven:

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