Dragon Foodie Review: Milieu Urban Comfort Food, Lilac Street Marikina

Milieu 1

Raffy in front of Milieu during the soft opening

Hello Sweeties!

It has been a while since I posted a new dinning place at Lilac Street Marikina. From a long stretch of road in the City of Markina it was become a haven for Foodies from the Eastern part of Metro Manila and Rizal Province.

My family and I wanted to have a meat one weekend and we decided look for a place to dine at Lilac. With no specific restaurant in mind we ventured to find somewhere the would spark our interest. In my case it is usually a place I have never eaten before.

From Sumulong, Antipolo City to Lilac Street it took us a little over 30 minutes this is due to the traffic in the Lilac Area. Who knew there would be a lot of people out with the same agenda?

Front Counter

This is how you should pronounce Milieu

While our cab was stuck in traffic, we spotted a sign that says “soft opening” Milieu Urban Comfort Food,  and we all got off to check it out. The building is a stand alone and the interior had a high ceiling. It had an unfinished look about it but I guess since it was their soft opening that was expected.

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