Dragon Foodie Review: Milieu Urban Comfort Food, Lilac Street Marikina

Milieu 1

Raffy in front of Milieu during the soft opening

Hello Sweeties!

It has been a while since I posted a new dinning place at Lilac Street Marikina. From a long stretch of road in the City of Markina it was become a haven for Foodies from the Eastern part of Metro Manila and Rizal Province.

My family and I wanted to have a meat one weekend and we decided look for a place to dine at Lilac. With no specific restaurant in mind we ventured to find somewhere the would spark our interest. In my case it is usually a place I have never eaten before.

From Sumulong, Antipolo City to Lilac Street it took us a little over 30 minutes this is due to the traffic in the Lilac Area. Who knew there would be a lot of people out with the same agenda?

Front Counter

This is how you should pronounce Milieu

While our cab was stuck in traffic, we spotted a sign that says “soft opening” Milieu Urban Comfort Food,  and we all got off to check it out. The building is a stand alone and the interior had a high ceiling. It had an unfinished look about it but I guess since it was their soft opening that was expected.

Comic books

Comic Book art on display on one wall

Wooden Table

Solid Wooden Tables and Chairs

Milieu Urban Comfort Food looked a bit unfinished from the inside as well,  but I guess since it is their soft opening that is part of the appeal. I can actually tell that the owners or whoever designed the interior is male based on the decorations found inside. I could be wrong but it has that feel to it. The ceiling is very high and it was a bit snug inside but I really like the masculine feel about it.

Waiting Area

Waiting area for those who are waiting to be seated I really like this quote locate at the window of their pantry

Classic Cars

My husband loves these cute details on display,  classic model cars and hard bound books

The interiors are mostly wood and it reminds a lot of dining outdoors.

Now the food!

My kids were really hungry but they are not adventurous eaters. They opted for familiar comfort food,  like fries and pasta. Since this is their soft opening, their menus were in clipboards. It was a pretty extensive menu though with steaks, pastas, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Mostly America dishes.

Bacon Fat Fries 160php

Bacon Fat Fries 160php

We had the Bacon Fat Fries. They had me at Bacon! These are home made fries, thick and slathered with bacon grease, bacon bits and cheese, it is very crunchy and filling. They served it with catsup on the side, but I think it can stand alone without it.

Creamy Carbonara

Creamy Carbonara 140php

Jarod loved their Creamy Carbonara, well seasoned  but I found the serving small.

Chicken Tomato Pesto Penne

Chicken Tomato Pesto Penne 180php

Raffy had the Chicken Tomato Pesto Penne, she said there was nothing unique about the dish although it was not bad. Again the serving is small.

Applewood Smoked BabyBackribs 350php

Applewood Smoked Imported Baby Backribs comes with Bonito corn and Japanese Coleslaw  360php

Hubsy and I shared the Baby Back ribs, it came with bonito corn and Japanese Coleslaw. The meat was very delicious and tender. I was puzzled about the bonito corn and had a hard time finishing it, perhaps I am not used to the taste. The Japanese Coleslaw was excellent.

This dish is not really meant for two but we shared it since I wanted to try it.

Cucumber Lemongrass Iced Tea

Cucumber Lemongrass Iced Tea 70php

Milieu served a lot coffee, tea and interesting drinks. I tried their Cucumber Lemongrass Iced Tea.   It was bit bland, strictly not bad.

We had a very pleasant dining experience.  The customer turn over was very fast, inspire of the place really filling up quickly. The waiting area is interesting enough to merit a conversation while you wait. The staff polite and  they know their menu. Their comfort room is clean and well maintained. There is still a lot of room for improvement though.  I am looking forward to coming back to check out how much they change in the future. Perhaps I could try their desserts as well.

If you enjoy steak, pasta and other comfort food Milieu Urban Comfort Food is just the place to Live. Love. Eat and then repeat!

Milieu Urban Comfort Food:
70 Lilac Street SSS Village,
Conception Dos
Marikina City

Until next time!


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