Press Release: Sweat Together, Stay Together Coaches Jim and Toni Saret share importance of togetherness in achieving fitness goals**

L-R Coach Toni and Coach Jim SaretMore and more Filipinos are becoming conscious of their health and are working harder to get fit. Healthy living is gaining importance today, and individuals are greatly motivated to achieve the health and fitness goals they set for themselves. The road to fitness may be tough and rough, but Coach Jim Saret, renowned founder and training director of MILO R2-APEX (Athletic Performance Enhancement Cross Training) Running School and his nutritionist wife Toni, share that one should not have to be alone in his journey.

Workout time is quality time

For Coaches Jim and Toni, not only do they get to spend quality time together, they also help each other get stronger, fitter and healthier during workout time. “As a couple, my wife and I spend our quality time working out together. Instead of the usual dinner date,our workout dates are more productive and beneficial for the both us,” says Coach Jim.  “The bond fostered during physical workouts and dieting together is a lot stronger than just having the typical dinner and movie date,” shares Coach Toni.

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