Dragon Theater Review: Repertory Philippines` Almost Maine

Almost Maine Poster

Hello Sweeties!

When was the last time you went to the theater? I remember taking Raffy out to watch a play at RCBC but that was years ago. Personally I really love watching a story unfold with live actors performing in front of me. The experience brings a different kind of dynamism compared to watching film or television.

I jumped at the chance to watch live theater again with my bebe girl, Raffy, who had the afternoon class off, yay!

Repertory Philippines` Almost Maine is their 2nd offering for its 79th Season( 2016). Dubbed as a romantic comedy set in a mythical town so far north, it almost does`t exist. Because its  residents never got around to getting organized. So it`s just Almost.

Imagine a woman carrying her broken heart in a paper bag, A couple keeps their love in large red bags or compressed to a size of a diamond! A couple having trouble communicating wait for the shoe to drop.

Almost residents fall in and out of love in the most unusual way.  Want to know more Read on!

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TV4ME.ph The Snackable Online Lifestyle Multi-Channel Network now in the Philippines!


Hello Sweeties!

Media5 Marketing Corporation and Brand New Media launched their newest online lifestyle multi-channel network that houses 10 awesome channels featuring a full spread of lifestyle videos suited for the Filipinos. The great news is all the video content available in the channel can be enjoyed for FREE… you heard it. F.R.E.E. at any time, anywhere and on any connected device.  It is possible to be in your vehicles, or commuting on the LRT/MRT, stuck in traffic and still watch the videos!

What is TV4Me.ph?

TV4ME.ph serves content via a best-in-class video technology that plays the videos seamlessly even on a tablet or mobile phone. Thousands of hours of helpful video content about food, fashion, home, and health & wellness fill the void in local content that Filipinos are most passionate about.

Fellow bloggers along with other media people were invited to Media5 posh a state-of-the-art digital production studio that caters high volumes of specialty content required for the emerging digital media industry in the Philippines.

TVMe 10

Snackable content  with TV4Me.ph on your smart tv, laptop, mobile phone or tablet

Local and international brands as well as content creators in the country can take advantage of TV4ME.ph and its channels as a medium for their own original video content to be distributed and amplified to their own target audiences.

Curious? Read on!

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