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Media5 Marketing Corporation and Brand New Media launched their newest online lifestyle multi-channel network that houses 10 awesome channels featuring a full spread of lifestyle videos suited for the Filipinos. The great news is all the video content available in the channel can be enjoyed for FREE… you heard it. F.R.E.E. at any time, anywhere and on any connected device.  It is possible to be in your vehicles, or commuting on the LRT/MRT, stuck in traffic and still watch the videos!

What is serves content via a best-in-class video technology that plays the videos seamlessly even on a tablet or mobile phone. Thousands of hours of helpful video content about food, fashion, home, and health & wellness fill the void in local content that Filipinos are most passionate about.

Fellow bloggers along with other media people were invited to Media5 posh a state-of-the-art digital production studio that caters high volumes of specialty content required for the emerging digital media industry in the Philippines.

TVMe 10

Snackable content  with on your smart tv, laptop, mobile phone or tablet

Local and international brands as well as content creators in the country can take advantage of and its channels as a medium for their own original video content to be distributed and amplified to their own target audiences.

Curious? Read on!


Boom Gonzales hosted the TV4Me Media Launch

Emmanuel C. Lorenzana, Chairman of Media5, says, “Keeping ahead of the fast-evolving media landscape means always being on the lookout for the right opportunities to better deliver content to consumers where they are, when they want it. Filipinos are now very sophisticated in the way they consume media, and with their massive online and mobile presence, there is no better time to create and develop more relevant and engaging digital content than now. We are honored to blaze the trail with the multi-channel network and we are excited to showcase what this lifestyle destination has to offer.”


Mike Constantino Managering Director for Brand New Media (BNM)

“ provides an engaging environment for a dialogue with the consumers through video content that is guided by research and insight. In turn, the experience for the audience is one that finally gives them that one place on the web where they can find all the resources they need toward a better lifestyle, through quality content that we serve on a consistent basis. We are eager to create, innovate and reach new heights with our partner brands, agencies and creators. Watching online and on mobile has never been this fun. The Filipino’s viewing experience will never be the same because of what’s channels provide this market.”  Mike Constantino, Managing Director of Brand New Media


Mike Constantino with Ms Bianca Grey Sales Manager of Brand New Media shows us a sample of the content via their mobile

Mike Constantino calls a “snackable content” because most of the videos have a duration of 2 minutes. He also assured users of a seamless browsing  and viewing experience regardless of what digital medium they use. It is mobile-optimized, minimal buffering and fast loading of the videos is assured.  Some of the content is produced by BNM and they are also working on getting more videos that have the Pinoy flavor.

Media guest were given a first look of how they film their videos.


Celebrity Guest Martin Escudero and Empoy TV5 talents vs Bloggers for Battle of the Pans

Here is a really quick cooking show challenge, with celebrity guest  coming head to head preparing dishes! How cool is that?

TV4Me 11

KC Montero demonstrates one of the tips he gives out via his Quick Tips for dudes in Msyle`s Man Hacks ! He had the gorgeous Maui Taylor participate as well.

For the manly man they have MStyle elevate your style and be a better man. It showcases original video content from fashion, grooming, health, gadgets and dating!

I started browsing the site right away  via my smartphone the content loads right away. I must add that it is still dependent on your service provider signal.  The videos are not all local, there is a lot of variety, but all the videos last around 2 minutes.  I found the videos about food (, home (, health ( history (history plus) and my personal favorite women ( I spend like hours watching videos from this channel.

Although I do want to suggest that they also make videos aimed for the children. I know how it is to get stuck in traffic with kids who have the attention span of a thimble. It would be great if they had something to occupy themselves during a traffic jam, similar to Nickelodeon Shorts or Sesame Street Podcast. I would really helps us harassed moms a lot.

I liked that they have this new, different not to mention digital means to get short but relevant information to the Philippine audience. I am looking for more innovations from Brand New Media, Media 5 and 4Me in the future.

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