Event: Coconut Oil, the Healthier Choice

Coconut the miracle fruit

Hello Sweeties!

My Mom always made it a point to serve coconut whenever we have a special occasion. Whenever I feel poorly or I had a really hard day, she would have a pitcher of fresh coconut water on hand.  I too have  gotten into the habit of getting my children to drink coconut water at least once a week. Coconut is considered a miracle fruit,   very versatility,  it has a lot of traditional uses, ranging from food and cosmetics.  It is part of regular diet of a lot of people in tropical countries like the Philippines.

Dr Fabian Dayrit, professor of Ateneo de Manila, he is the Acting-President of the National Academy of Science and Technology and chair of Scientific Advisory Committee for Health, Asian and Pacific Coconut Community.

Minolta Premium Coconut Oil sponsored a talk for bloggers to reveal The Truth about Coconut Oil.  Dr. Fabian Dayrit, was the resource speaker that day, professor of Ateneo de Manila.

Coconut is one of the most robust and useful members of the plant kingdom. Found in all tropical and sub-tropical coastlines worldwide and can grow on a variety of soils.  

Distinct from other fruits because they contain large  quantity of water /juice; and when immature, they are known as tender-nuts or jelly-nuts and may be harvested for their potable coconut water . When mature, they can be used as seed nuts or processed to give oil from the kernel, charcoal from the hard shell, and coir from the fibrous husk.

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