Event: Fashion, Style and Music with Urbaninsta plus an Unboxing of Urbanista Osolo Earphone

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Hello Sweeties!

Urbanista is an urban fashionista. An urbanista is someone who is interested in fashion, especially high-end and non-mainstream fashion and who also has an in-depth knowledge of the best people, places, and things the city has to offer.  An urbanista is selective, but never snobbish, intellectual, but also street smart. An urbanist is a living “insider’s guide” to the city. -uban dicitonary

There is a new music accessories brand in town and it`s called Urbanista. I have blogged about them in a previous post.  Urbanista launched their products in the Philippines. Along with other bloggers I got to try out their products.

I was very excited about this since I go through approximately 3 earphones a years. Yep, I am one of those that tear through them, like they`re  disposable. That is one reason why I am excited about another brand entering the Philippine market.

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Urbanista is product brand from Sweden that targets modern active people. They designed their products for life in motion. Every product in their portfolio is developed for a specific target group – the urbanistas.

So based on the definition above, are you an Urbanista? Do you want to be? Check out the rest of my post.

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Laine Aldover Product Manager for Urbanista PH, EAG Global

Other than being fashion savvy,  Urbanistas lives their lives to the fullest. Fast, active and energetic.

Urbanista products are influenced by the Scandinavian design tradition, I did mention that they are a Swedish brand. Scandinavian design has been associated with sleek, innovative and uncomplicated form that seeks to bring functional, well designed products to a wider audience at an affordable price.

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Glen Batchelor, of Urbanista gave the product presentation

The Urbanista products are always designed to be diverse, serve many purposes and can be used in different situations and occasions. Their  Wear Your Music!  is a collection of headphones, the ultimate music accessories for Urbanistas on the move. Stylish design, comes in different colors and their product line is specifically designed for a specific need of the modern Urbanista.

Most of the designs they offer will fit and cater to the Urbanista lifestyle and purpose. If you notice most of their products are named after savvy cities in the world.

Urbanista 8

Active, conscious and curious… Urbanist designed their products for the individuals on the move


Fast paced lifestyle, new innovations in music and communications has created a great demand for practical, creatively designed, durable and trendy accessories.

What do you usually look for when purchasing  music gear for my gadgets? Aside from the functionality, great music output from the product itself but it has to be fashionable, stylish and fit the person`s lifestyle


Urbanista Miami (Part of my wishlist)

My work requires me to use a headphone, something that would mute the noise in the entire room and have me focus on my job (I work as a radio presenter ). Urbanista Miami s the perfect gear for me at work.

During the event, Urbanista gave the bloggers an early Christmas present.  I got their Urbanista Oslo. 

Here is a really quick unboxing for you. Urbanista 1

For simplicity seekers
Made in a classic but revamped earphone design.Soft rubber ring around the ear bud to create comfort and good fit.

• Recognized design
• Fits most people
• Handsfree with mic

Uranista 11

These earphones at a glance, very straight forward.

Some notable features are:

*It comes in flat wire so there is minimal tangling
*The jack is curved to protect the wire from breaking
*Easy control button to use the mic or turn off the music player.

Urbanista 9

So sweeties, what are you waiting for? Urbanista has a large range of headphones, earphones and music gear that will suit every lifestyle.

Check out their diverse product line via their official website. https://www.urbanista.com/

Thank you EAG Global for inviting me to the Philippine Launch of Urbanista.

To get your own Urbanista earphones it is available at  Gizmo, Power Mac and PC Works.

Get updates on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UrbanistaLifestyle/

Until next time Sweeties!


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