Event: Explore Philippines Magazine Press Preview of Travel Spread

Hello Sweeties!

After a successful Media Launch of  Explore Philippines Magazines  2nd year,  and the  preview of the revamped version of Explore Magazine (with Rhian Ramos on their cover) the Media gets an advance preview of the 2 day Travel Spread Forum at Century City Mall Makati.

Explore Philippines celebrates its second year anniversary with Travel Spread: Traveling the Philippines One Page at a Time. Explore Philippines Magazine,  they have a 2 day Travel Talk with actual explorers with Travel Spread, an interactive exhibit from event partners Merrell and Oculus Archery, Travel Talks, Chill Out Cooks, Johann`s Cuisine, Thristy Turtle .  Guests, media and bloggers get a preview of the 2 day event that is opens to the public November 24-25th.

Editor-in-chief France (right) and Publisher Christina Po (left)

Guest get to try out the booths with great food and drinks

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