Event: Stop Greying Hair with Grey Away Anti-Greying Treatment

Greyaway launch

I have been plagued with white hair ever since I turned 40. I know I know I a still one of the lucky ones since I know a girl in my hight school as young as 14 who had whites in her hair.

The greying of the hair, after all, is a sign of aging – and you like most people want to look youthful.

Looking and being old – through it has some advantages. My vanity would not permit me to age all too soon. That is why, when I was told that there is this new breakthrough product that would bring back my original hair color. I jumped at the chance to witness it`s launching.

Want to know more about this product that promises to bring back the black? Read on!

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Press Release: Start a Beauty regimen with Gluta White & Firm**


To achieve whiter, firmer, and healthier skin, follow the golden rule of skincare: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and Protect.

Gluta White & Firm, a revolutionary skincare product, made these steps easy and possible with its complete skincare line: Facial Wash, Facial Toner, Facial Cream, Body Lotion, Deodorant, and  Pressed Powder. Enriched with Glutathione, Clair Blanche, L-Carnitine and Lipofirm, these ingredients will transform your skin into its healthiest, most beautiful state.

Glutathione protects the cells from harmful toxins and at the same time lightens and brightens skin tone. It works together with Clair Blanche, a fusion of 7 active ingredients that also prevent melanin formation leading to better skin whitening efficacy. This revolutionary product is clinically-tested and proven effective by dermatologists to give whiter skin in just two weeks.

L-Carnitine and Lipofirm both break down fatty tissues to specifically reduce skin’s subcutaneous water and therefore increase skin firmness. This blend is formulated by dermatologists to lift sagged portions of the skin and brings back its fresh and youthful glow.

Make it a habit to follow Gluta White & Firm’s golden rule of skincare so you can say hello to a radiant skin and radiant life.


Gluta White & Firm is available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores nationwide.

Check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gluta-White-Firm/

** Press Release from Gluta White & Firm