EVENT: SPAM® CAN! gives Pinoys what they want & more

For the benefit of Children’s Hour, the Make-A-Hero SPAMWICH booth

Hello Sweeties!

SPAM® has always been a part of my pantry,  I grew up eating and now my children get to enjoy it but with a great number of varieties.

A staple in every kitchen and throughout every meal, Filipinos of all ages attest to their undying love for the SPAM® brand, bringing the brand from the all-time favorite premium canned meat, to an icon of fun and pleasure in every eating occasion.  Inside this little blue can lies the delicious, crave-able meat that bursts endless possibilities – you can chop it, slice it, fry it, bake it, or even make a sisig.

I was pretty psyched when I was invited to attend the launch of SPAM® CAN! The brand’s newest campaign,  lets you discover all new things that SPAM® CAN! do.

Chef Sherwin Tee, gives a whole day cooking demo

Showcasing new ways on how you can enjoy your all-time favorite canned meat through the new SPAM-MAZING™ local recipes.

Chef Sherwin Tee demonstrates how  easy and breezy it is to prepare Pinoy comfort food like SPAM® Tokwa’t Baboy and SPAM® Sisig; and even get to try international recipes such as SPAM® Fried Rice and SPAM® Tacos. He also taught us a trick on how to get the SPAM®   meat out without a knife.  You just squeeze the sides and the meat pops out like magic!  Yay! I learned something new!

Delicious Pinoy Favorites: SPAM Lumpia, SPAM Fries and my SPAM Puto

While there’s a lot more to uncover with the SPAM® brand and its line-up of taste-obsessing recipes, we bet it comes as no surprise that the SPAM® brand can actually launch its very own boy-band. Yes, you heard it right they actually do!

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