Dragon Beauty Review: Feel and Smell like a Baby via Belo Baby 

Belo baby

Hello Sweeties!

Every since I was a young girl, I always selected mild soaps to use on my skin. When I finally had a family of my own, It seems the habit stuck. When picking soap, bath soaps and scents to use I navigate towards the infant section in search of  products.

This year Belo, one of the Pinoy own skin care specialist came up with their own brand of Baby friendly skincare products. About time I say.

Belo Baby 3

I got these products off  Sampleroomph. Although I have no babies to test them on I feel that my teenagers are close enough.  Both are pretty active and have sensitive skin, seeing that puberty is a hard bridge to cross. It would be best for them to use mild and gentle products on their skin.

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