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I rarely find time to take care of my skin. I know I know, my bad. Seriously skin care was never a top priority for me growing up, I have no excuse,  but honestly is the first thing you people see when they meet you. It is the largest organ in our body.  Over the years aesthetic clinics have sprouted like mushrooms in malls, even the neighborhood barberya (barber shop) has some sort of  dermatological services.  But trust me when I say not all dermatological treatments are created equal.

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A good chunk of these have unqualified “therapist” and “aesthetician” handling your skin. It really is no surprise that a lot of skin complications caused by mishandling of the skin.

In fact a lot of people, me included have depended heavily on advertised products – it looks so good on the young actress, model etc it might work out for me too!  That is all well and good according to Dr. Miriam Adraneda but it is best to go to the specialist to actually see to our personal skin care needs. We all have our unique skin care needs and just like any health need, one person`s prescription does not apply to all no matter how similar the circumstances are.

Is your favorite Derma a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society? 

Let`s be honest, the reason why we rather go to the popular clinics is because we are intimidated by the actual doctors, afraid that it would cost more for a treatment.

Apparently, there are public hospitals with dermatologist that you can consult about you skincare needs for free or for a minimal fee.  It is best to consult an expert like Dra. AdranedaPDS certified dermatologist. There is nothing wrong with having facials from aestheticians or facial theraphist but we should make a conscious effort to let only PDS certified Dermatologist treat our skin problems., especially on invasive treatments like pricking and wart removals.

I have always been bothered with the warts around my face and neck,  Why did I choose to have it treated? Well aside from it being unsightly, warts are contagious and can spread throughout the body and may infect your children. I shudder to think!

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