Dragon Chatter Meets the Artists Behind the Brushstrokes as SM The Block Exhibits Chan Lim Family Plates and Scrolls

Hello Sweeties!

I was feeling a bit down last Sunday, since my husband left for another year of toll in Saudi Arabia. Although he left, he encouraged me to go to an event to keep me busy, I was privileged enough to get an invitation to the tour of the  exquisite exhibit of Plates and Scrolls by the Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students at The Block Atrium. the actual exhibit is open to the public until February 12, but on that Sunday they had 37 out of the 43 artists and students to reveal the stories behind the art works.

The exhibit, which kicked off on January 15 at The Block’s Atrium, features over 100 beautifully designed hand-painted scrolls and 144 plates from Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students.

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Dragon Product Review: Glupa Skin Solution Plus

Hello Sweeties!

I finally found these from my stash of soaps I need to sample. Last year I got the opportunity to meet with the creator and the brains behind Glupa Skin Solution Products check out the details here.

Glupa Skin Solutions Plus (Purple & Black Box) Acne Buster in Fresh Powder Scent
Face and Body Whitening Bar
Size: 100g
Price: 75php

* Formulated with the International award-winning Acne Buster from Japan
* Whitens, has oil control and anti acne formula without drying the skin
* has tiny white complex with Vitamin C and E with 8 Botanical Actives developed according to the perfect treatment of acne and oily skin
* Comes in 100g packaging
* Will soon come out with a Glupa Skin Solution Plus Toner and Moisturizing Gel! Whitening products usually target the ladies but now a days men are also interested in skin care.

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