Tuloy-tuloy ang Kilig at the Grand Fans Day of Precious Pages

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Ah Summer!  Most of the kids are on vacation. Short of letting the little beasties sit on their hands or park their tusshies in front of the telly for hours. I would like to suggest an activity that is both affordable and indoors.


Yep. It gets pretty fun and addicting (the good kind of addiction) once you get your little ones hooked.  A great example of this is this event I went to recently. Precious Hearts Romances Grand Fans Day.

I always look forward to book events, it gives the readers the opportunity to meet, speak and interact with the writers.

Grand Fans Day had fans gathering from all over the Metro. An opportunity to not for meeting their favorite authors and having their books signed but they had a special program with food, games, raffle and surprises for all of the fans. They also had an auction of from the writers special collection

Precious Pages Inc usually have a fans day  2x a year. Last year I attended their book launch of Moymoy Lulumboy and Rebel Fiction at the 17th Manila International Book Fair.

This year they had their PHR Grand Fans Day at their spanking new building. Located at 16 Sto Domingo Avenue, Quezon City a stone throws away from the Sto. Domingo Church. They are in the process of constructing the Precious Pages Bookstore within the building. Easier access to the newly released books.

Behind the Writers Room

Bloggers got a peek at the Precious Pages Writers Room, filled with mugs with the PHR author’s name.

Above, a message from book author and PHR Publisher Jun Matias for the authors and the fans.


BOOKS LAUNCHED PHR Series/Trilogy/Duology:

Wanderlust Palawan Sands Series:  1.Haplos by Dawn Igloria 2. Luha by Belle Feliz 3. Pangako by Dream Grace 4. Pagkakataon by Camilla 5. Halik by Victoria Amor

The Present Series 1. Along Came CJ by Cranberry Laurel 2. My Unfair Lady by Andie Hizon 3. Going the Distance by Cady Lorenzana 4. Once Upon A Time by Spring Mendez 5. If Only by Saab de Andrade 6. I Can’t Say “I Do” by Maxine del Carmen

An Online Romance Trilogy 1. #Like4Like by Nikki Karenina 2. @Tweets4Lavander by Cady Lorenzana 3. Calls4Strawbeerry by Marione Ashley​

IOU (Duology) 1. Pablo, The Gigolo by Vanessa 2. Clint, Mr. Daddy Pants by Rose Tan

STAID Trilogy  Book 3: Stuck in the Gray Area by Kensi

Hot Intruder: Marrio, The Playful Heart

Bachelor’s Pad 10: The Wolf’s Seduction by Maricar Dizon

Cold Eyes Saga Book 3: There Will Be More Blood by Venice Jacobs

Singles: Standalone Novels 1. Virgil by Doreen Gabriel 2. 40 Days to Heaven by Heart Yngrid 3. Blood Moon by Tyra 4. Moon Bride by Maricar Dizon 5. Enchanted World of Rosette by Gazchela Aerienne

Singles Series: I. Silver Witches 1. Dominikka and the Pure Kindness by Luna King 2. October and the Outstanding Attitude by Bridgette Marie 3. Amari and the Irresistible Charisma by Leonna 4. Clotilde and the Unrivalled Intelligence by Lush Ericson

PHR Standalone Novels 1. Runaway Hearts and Guardian of my Heart by Sonia Francesca (two in 1 book) 2. Loving the Forbidden Charmer by Sofia  3. The Man She Couldn’t Love by Kayla Caliente  4. Catalina My Island Girl by Amanda 5. Now It’s You by Belle Feliz 6. Making Love by C. D. de Guzman (FrustratedGirlWriter)

Red Room: The Governor’s Wife by Mandie Lee

Rebel Fiction: 1. I Remember the Boy: Carrot Man by Sofia 2. #SocialMediaAddict by Heart Ingrid

Reading for young people are not as it once was., or so I thought….

Can You Say Super Fans?

Can you say Super Fans? It was like being in a Kpop Fan Meet.   I so loved the energy in the room. The feeling of being in the center of a whirlwind looking out. Crazy, Happy. Excited. “Killig.” (Thrilled)  I am impressed how lovingly the Precious Pages Corp gave the fans importance attention and care. Without the readers, there would be no writers.

So don’t be ashamed to pull out your PHR Book to read in public,  post your pictures and tag  them on your social media.  Check out love for Ms Rose Tan below.

What is in your summer reading pile?

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