Dragon Foodie Review: Marison’s Robinson’s Place Antipolo

Marison’s at Robinson’s Place Antipolo

Hello Sweeties!

Robinson’s Place Antipolo has been open for more than a year and this is the first time I ever visited it. Maybe because people from the Lower Antipolo have always preferred to going down to the Marikina area rather than brave the upper reaches of Antipolo proper.

This time it is different. I just had to be a part of the Marison’s Foodie Meet-up for Zomato. Not only will this be my first ever foodie meet-up for me in Antipolo, so I am so looking forward to it.

Madison`s Menu

Although, Robinson`s Place Antipolo is just 11 minutes away from my house I never ventured there. A tendency I need to stop since I now found reason to visit it often, Check out the Marison`s menu above, such a great price point for family who want a great meal within a reasonable price.

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Dragon Foodie Review: The Dimsum Place Fisher Mall


Hello Sweeties!

I love short orders. More often than not I rarely have time to sit down and eat because I always end up going from place to place or being stuck at my table at work. That is why when Zomatoph invited bloggers to join their Foodie Meet-up at The Dimsum Place at Fishermall  just had to check it out.

Classic Chinese Ambiance

The Interiors is like that of a typical Chinese Restaurant

The place is expansive and it would accommodate a large crowd. The decoration, the colors  even the menu reminds me of a popular Chinese place (THM), but as I browse the menu I discovered they have more to offer!

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