Feel Sexy and Energetic mySlim with Yerba Mate


“The Philippines’ dietary supplement of choice: mySlim with Yerba Mate”

Hello Sweeties!

Since 2016 started I have been conscious of the state of my health.  I am aware of my lapse and now trying to correct my bad habits.

Aside from the proper exercise and healthy diet. An effective diet supplement would really help me in my path to a healthier me.

These days dietary supplements come in different variants and forms like tablets, capsules, drinks and energy bars. It has become really confusing to pick and choose which ones will give us the best and more importantly the safest results.

Then of course I saw this ad with FHM hot Mama Jennlyn Mercado about mySlim with Yerba Mate.  I was impressed.

Want to know more about my Slim with Yerba Mate? Read on!

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