The Newest Pampering Place in Cagayan de Oro: Nailaholics SM CDO Premier

You’re stuck in the office—amid the fluorescent lights, meetings, deadlines and the humdrum of corporate life. Sometimes, all you really need to get back in the groove is to get away for a bit.

When the mood strikes, get up and head over to our newest nail salon – Nailaholics SM CDO Premiere, where you can get ushered away from the tedium of everyday life and into the relaxing world of pampering.

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Prepping for Graduation: Via Make -up

20120223-065402 PM.jpg

I have been into make-up lately and fortunately for me, my daughter is a willing guinea pig. She is 12 and very impressionable. I remember when I was 12, all I was interested in was being a writer. I guess I am making up for all my lost time.

20120223-065857 PM.jpg
Sun-kissed Gal by g-lish

I found the brand g-lish, since it’s a brand meant for the very young girls. I have bought 2 products from them and they work well with my skin type.

I didn’t use any primer coz I was just practicing, when graduation come I would probably use a primer so the make-up will stick throughout the day.

20120223-071149 PM.jpg

I next worked on her eyes, I used the liquid eyeliner by Maybelline. I need to get another one soon.
Since the Egyptian eyes were in and I enjoy all the KPop look I tried that out on her, she looked sooo cute! I tried using the matted eyeshadow in pink. I couldn’t get it right.

20120223-075852 PM.jpg
I also prepped her lips with Étude House’s Miss You Panda in peach

20120223-071506 PM.jpg
I used my Étude House Wanna Be Style Making Kit

The slight peachy lipstick that I found looked great on her. It looks very natural.

20120223-075445 PM.jpg

20120223-081013 PM.jpg
g-lish’s Gelato Cheek Treat # 5

I capped things off with a nice blush from the very affordable brand g-lish.

20120223-081452 PM.jpg

20120223-082704 PM.jpg
I also used suesh brushes with the rest of the make-up

I thought, I can do it! She doesn’t look weird! I do need to practice more but so far so good.

20120223-082227 PM.jpg