Dragon Foodie Review: Churros Paradise at Churreria La Lola at UP Town Center

Hello Sweeties!

The beasties and I feel like something different this time around in terms of dessert. Ever the adventurers when it comes to food, the kids and I decided to try out Churreria La Lola at UP Town Center. 

The La Lola Group is a dynamic Filipino company under the leadership of young and dynamic F&B entrepreneurs, who are committed to offering orgasmic products and unforgettable dining experiences in all their food concepts.

At Churreria La Lola, they promise to spread happiness one churro at a time.  Their products are made from scratch with the best ingredients, cooked fresh upon order and fried in 100% olive oil.

Like I always say the test of the cake is always in the eating. So the beasties and I found a spot in the middle of the store and ordered.

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Dragon Foodie Review: Salu Salo the Filipino Feast, UP Town Center

Salu salos, the filipino feast

Hello Sweeties!

My beasties and I were craving for Pinoy food. I know there are a lot of places to eat but since we were at UP Town Center, I decided that we should dine at the very popular Salusalo at UP Town Center. The beasties and I rarely go out these days together since I have been so busy with a lot of work.  This is a SunDate for all of us.

It was not easy to get a table at Salusalo because a lot of large groups seem to enjoy dining here. Rightly so, since the price is very reasonable for the serving size.

We were lucky there was a free table for us as soon as we walked in.

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