Dragon Beauty Review: Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Paper(too cool for school)

Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Paper to Sponge (230php) – 6% off

Hello Sweeties!

Do you ever get the feeling that people are staring at you not because you are pretty, but because of  your extremely oily face – so oily you can deep fry chicken on it?

I got my 2nd Althea Korea box, with orders that coincide with their 1st year anniversary. One of the items I found interesting is the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Paper to Sponge.

I am not sure if they have this item available at the too cool for school shops in manila, but I found this item interesting because clearly,oil paper is a must have for every girl. Every girl like myself who is constantly fighting a battle with oiliness.

Well you are in need of oil control paper to less the oil but keep your make-up intact.

Want to know more details about this product? Read on!

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Dragon Beauty Review: Too Cool For School: Jean George Llong Sunblock SPF50

Hello Sweeties!

I attended the Too Cool For School with Marj Sia and I was psyched to get some interesting samples from one of my favorite Korean Cosmetics brand. The Jean George Llong Sunblock was the full size skincare product in the loot.

When I first saw it I was wondering what it was for. Is this product for guys coz it show the great abs. Which I have nothing against that mind you but it does create confusion. I have written Jean Geoabout TCFS in my blog and almost all their product packages are in Korean. I was informed that they would be redoing the packages in English soon. I can’t wait! I am a fan of this brand but I am a bit confused what products is what?
Product Description
Too Cool For School: Jean George Llong Sunblock SPF50
Price: 819php / 19$ Free from TCFS Workshop
Too Cool for School Jean George Llong Sun Block is a sunblock that can be used as a CC Cream (Color Corrector)/ makeup primer SPF 50 PA++, you can use this on both your face and body. This multi-functional sunscreen (UVA protection, primer, makeup base and blocks UVA, UVB) contains aloe vera ingredient that supplies moisture to the skin.
I know of a girl who went back to one of the Korean Cosmetics Shop to complain that her tube of BB Cream is busted. She kept squeezing the products until it spilled. It seems she didn’t know that these products are sealed. Always check!
Initially, I felt this product was too white for me. I have medium morena skin and most of the Korean Brands formulas are leaning on the dewy and light toned which is not suitable on my skin and makes me look ghostly. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it blends right in to compliment my skin!
*** Did not irritated my skin nor gave me rashes
*** Evens my skintone and blends well
*** light coverage
*** has an SPF 50
*** non greasy
*** feels light on my skin
*** turns matte when it sets
No English translation/ instructions on the package. But this is not the product’s fault though.
Used TCFS: Jean George Llong Sunblock as primer with Canmake Mashmallow Finish Powder Pact

I can’t believe that this is just labled as sunblock! It does so much! This is perfect for girls who just want to have even looking skin without the fuss.

Will I repurchase? Most definately!

What do you think of TCFS: Jean George Llong Sunblock?

To learn more about Too Cool For School: https://m.facebook.com/toocoolgirlph

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