Taco Bell Introduces its Cheesiest Burrito -the Cheesy Core Burrito

Hello Sweeties,

It has been a while since I posted anything related to food. I was so happy that I got an invitation from #CertifiedBloggers to attend the launch of Taco Bell PHL newest addition.

Taco Bell upped their game with their Cheesy Core Burrito. The cheesiest burrito in the market today.

Ground Floor, Cyber Park Tower Building, Araneta Center

I haven’t explored Araneta Center in a while and it surprised me that how much the place has changed.  Where the place used to have a parking lot now there is this new cyber building.  This branch of Taco Bell is large, roomy and it has a 2nd floor!

Cheesy Core Burrito Taco Bell PHL latest addition to their extensive menu

The Cheesy Core Burrito is the first burrito with a melted cheese center. It features a “core” of red nacho strips smothered with Taco Bell’s signature three cheese blend and nacho cheese wrapped in flour tortilla surrounded by seasoned beef, Mexican rice, cool your cream and red sauce wrapped into a burrito. Imagine a mini cheese burrito stuffed inside a classic Taco Bell burrito – are you salivating yet?

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