Dragon Product Review: Glupa Skin Solution Plus

Hello Sweeties!

I finally found these from my stash of soaps I need to sample. Last year I got the opportunity to meet with the creator and the brains behind Glupa Skin Solution Products check out the details here.

Glupa Skin Solutions Plus (Purple & Black Box) Acne Buster in Fresh Powder Scent
Face and Body Whitening Bar
Size: 100g
Price: 75php

* Formulated with the International award-winning Acne Buster from Japan
* Whitens, has oil control and anti acne formula without drying the skin
* has tiny white complex with Vitamin C and E with 8 Botanical Actives developed according to the perfect treatment of acne and oily skin
* Comes in 100g packaging
* Will soon come out with a Glupa Skin Solution Plus Toner and Moisturizing Gel! Whitening products usually target the ladies but now a days men are also interested in skin care.

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