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When asked if I am on the pill, my usual answer is no. Not because am against it per se but because I have no real cause to use it.  I was raised by a baby boomer parents who think wearing uber short skirts or (gasp!) shorts will make a girl seem “easy or malamdi” ; I went to a Catholic high school that thinks talking about my menstrual cycle must be done in closed doors and not in front of the males in my class.   I must confess that I never went to an Obstetrician- Gynecologist except when I was pregnant with  my first child!

Contraception is not a subject that comes up often, in fact it was the condom that was the contraception of choice for a lot of us since it is said it does not just prevent pregnancy (most of the time) but it also prevents sexually transmitted diseases.  But there is another option.

The Pill

The Pill

Women are constantly shamed for popping the pill.  A lot of contraception-shaming stems from our conservative culture that contraception will “encourage” women to promiscuous, instead if empowering her to take care of her own body.  Silly isn’t it that we have had 2 female Presidents and still women are thought of as “sluts” when they decide to take control of their own bodies.

Sex – Taboo subject Matter

I regret that I never got around to trying the pill as I when I was much younger. Perhaps because at the time women were not given the right knowledge about the pill.  Every women must have access to information related to issues about our health, not only about our reproductive system but also about her body.

Although the main function of the reproductive system is to conceive and have children, a woman`s reproductive system is what makes her a woman.

Many hormones, especially those affecting the growth and behavior, are present in both men and women. Why is it that women are often portrayed as being under the influence of the hormones, as being under the “tide” or “storms”. Hormones are key to the reproduction¥be health in all aspects of a woman`s sexual life. Taking oral contraceptives help regulate menstruation, fertility, menopause as well as provide clear skin.

I attended a forum sponsored by iWoman, it was very enlightening.

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