Dragon Theater Review: Repertory Philippines` Almost Maine

Almost Maine Poster

Hello Sweeties!

When was the last time you went to the theater? I remember taking Raffy out to watch a play at RCBC but that was years ago. Personally I really love watching a story unfold with live actors performing in front of me. The experience brings a different kind of dynamism compared to watching film or television.

I jumped at the chance to watch live theater again with my bebe girl, Raffy, who had the afternoon class off, yay!

Repertory Philippines` Almost Maine is their 2nd offering for its 79th Season( 2016). Dubbed as a romantic comedy set in a mythical town so far north, it almost does`t exist. Because its  residents never got around to getting organized. So it`s just Almost.

Imagine a woman carrying her broken heart in a paper bag, A couple keeps their love in large red bags or compressed to a size of a diamond! A couple having trouble communicating wait for the shoe to drop.

Almost residents fall in and out of love in the most unusual way.  Want to know more Read on!

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Jump In and Have Fun at Ball Pit Manila


Hello Sweeties!

Whenever I take my kids to play, they always end up taking their time in the ball pit. Hundred of colorful plastic balls to play with, swim in and hide in.

Admit it, given a chance you’d jump in right with them! Finally, we adults can have the opportunity with the opening of Ball Pit Manila.


Ball Pit Manila is the COOLEST playground to hit Manila and the best part, it’s exclusively for adults! It is the first (ever) and biggest adult ball pit in the Philippines that features 80,000 balls to play with. Along with the beautiful sturdy white orbs, they also have trampolines, monkey bars where you can tramp, swing, jump and roll and return to your active and carefree childhood rumpus to your hearts content.

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