Event: Launch of Health and Glamour (H & G) Organic, Natural, Environment Friendly and Proud Philippine Made Products

Hello Sweeties!

I found myself in the Srgt. Essguerra area a few days ago to attend the launching of organic and environment friendly products.

Health and Glamour Outsource Marketing Corporation (H&G) was founded just this year (2016) by pro-environment advocates to actively participate in the campaign to promote health and wellness of our body and saving Mother Earth as well! With the daily increasing cases of various illnesses and diseases brought about by our daily use of highly commercialized products, H&G provides consumers a better option to enjoy organic, natural products that protect one’s health and the world. H&G also ensures products affordability so consumers will have a powerful choice of shifting into organic, natural products with the same budget on the usual commercial products being consumed. This powerful choice enables us to contribute to a safer and healthier environment.

They offer a wide array of products.

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