Dragon Product Review: Olay Total CC Cream (Medium)

Olay Pore Minimizer BB Cream 1

Hello Sweeties!

Olay is one of the great drugstore brands that has been around since my Nana`s era. A trusted brand that is changing with the times.  I was pleasantly surprised that Olay has the new pore minimizer/ CC Cream.

I admit I am very lazy when it comes to skincare. Yes, sorry to say, this is one reason I make it a point to select products that I can actually maximize. The less time I spend on my face the more time I get to spend doing other things like spend time with my kids or writing .

I was happy a lot of drugstore beauty brands have joined the bandwagon started by Korean brands. With BB Creams (Beauty Balms) and CC Creams from different known brands. I suppose it is but natural since  lot of women have started looking for Hallyu brands because of the fantastic benefits these products have on skin.

I have tried my share of BB Cream and I found that BB creams and I are not compatible. In fact, I have had oiliness and break out problems while using BB Creams.  It was a great surprise to me that CC Creams are more to my taste. See my CC Cream review here.

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