Gender-Fair Media Guidebook Launched to Promote Gender Balance in Mass Media

Hello Sweeties,

The Media and Gender Equality Committee (MGEC) recently launched a new guidebook that seeks to eliminate gender stereotyping and promotes gender balance in the participation and representation of women and men across various forms of media and communication.

The book was first launched December 2017 with the title the “Gender-Fair Media Guidebook (GFMG)” and it is a  practical reference for the media in recalibrating their practice to promote gender sensitivity in all their core processes including the conceptualization, creation, presentation and distribution of media products. It presents current media landscape on reporting women’s situations, provides relative laws on women’s rights and gives practical tools to evaluate the gender sensitivity of the contents.

The development of the GFMG started in August 2017 through a co-creation and validation workshop with key media organizations and communication-focused civil society organizations. The activity aimed to include women’s issues in online and social media, and other emerging issues, which were not captured during the development of the old “Towards a Gender-Fair Media” Guidebook launched in 2013.

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