Press Release: Gardenia Introduces California Raisin Buns

Want more excitement on your usual plain snack everyday? Why not try a new fruit-filled bun that will make you see buns differently. Introducing the Gardenia California Raisin Buns – Gardenia’s recent addition to its bun product category.

Gardania California Raisin Buns

Gardania California Raisin Buns

The new Gardenia California Raisin Buns are wonderfully soft, great-tasting buns studded with succulent California raisins that give a sweet tickle to your taste buds and entice your senses in every munch. Each bite can be enjoyed on its own and to also add more delight by adding up some spreads, lettuce, or even slices of meat.

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Dragon Road Trip: Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Kiddies Tour the Gardenia Plant

G1Hello Sweeties!

My son Jarod and I went on an interesting trip to Binan, Laguna to learn how they make our favorite Gardenia Bakeries Philippines loaf bread.


Jarod with Gardee the Gardenia Mascot

Last year Jarod did not have field trips for one reason or the other, he was looking forward to one, so when Mommy Bloggers Philippines opened the sign up for Gardenia Plant Tour, I grabbed the opportunity to take Jarod. It`s not everyday my son and I gets to go out and explore and bond together.


Jarod went to breads on display right away.

We got inside the cool interior of the Gardenia auditorium and lo and behold all their breads on display! So many varieties! I am not sure if we tried all of them. The packaging is so colorful, unlike the ordinary bread in the market.

Mommies and Kiddies were given a light “merienda” snack to fortify us after that long trip. Afterwards or was it during the snack we watched  their Gardenia AVP (Audio Visual Presentation).

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