Sneaker Heaven at Sneaker Box Manila!

Hello Sweeties!

Like all women I love shoes, but unlike other women who have a ton of high heels I prefer my footwear to be comfortable and something I can run, jump and play with my son with. Sneakers are really close to my heart, This is the effect of being born in a household with 2 brothers and a bunch of older male cousins.

I was very stoked when I go the invitation to be at the opening of one of the best specialty store in the Metro. Sneaker Box Manila.

Located at Promenade 3 of Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan you can`t miss it since it is located after the elevator and across the stairs.

It is actually a small store but it is filled to the brim with an amazing selection of limited edition and hard to find footwear that`ll make your eyes pop and your mouth drool!

Check out my favorites!

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Press Release: Manjaru Footwear now at Tutuban Center**


L-R: Jayson Aguirre, Leasing Associate; Sylvia Tecson, Tutuban Center VP for Leasing and Marketing; Sherlyn Ramos, Junior Sales Coordinator for Manjaru Slippers; Anne Yap, Leasing Associate

Footwear company Manjaru Slippers signed as Tutuban Center‘s newest tenant last June 30, 2015. The brand, which sells other outdoor items like shoes, shorts, and bags, is just one of the many tenants who will open shop in the recently rebranded shopping complex.

According to Sherlyn Ramos, Junior Sales Coordinator for Manjaru Slippers, “We chose Tutuban because of the promise of the area. We like how it is the center of the shopping district and gets good buyer traffic.”

Manjaru Footwear currently has more than a hundred outlet stores all over the country. The brand is constantly looking for expansion opportunities and Tutuban Center was chosen for its heavy foot traffic and active day and night markets.

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Press Release from Manjaru Footwear