Dragon Foodie Review: Cerchio Grill and Lounge Tomas Morato

Hello Sweeties!

I don`t frequent the Tomas Morato area often and when I do I stumble upon great dining places. I was there for an event, but surprisingly the food became one of the highlights of the time there.

Cerchio Grille and Lounge is located at Scout Lumbago, it has great ambiance and serves Asian and Filipino Food. Pronounced as  ‘Tzerhr.kyoh’ which means Circle in Italian. This is the inspiration behind the interiors of the entire place, designed by Ivy Almario. The creators of Romulo Cafe have transformed some dilapidated adjacent apartments into a classy, dinning place that serves Asian Filipino cuisine.

My son Jarod has been very interested in taking photos, tasting and dining on Food. He has even started watching videos on buzzed about preparing food. So whenever a find a nice place I make  to return with him and Raffy of course.

So will I return to Cerchio with Jarod in tow?  Find out after the break.

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Dragon Foodie Review: Salu Salo the Filipino Feast, UP Town Center

Salu salos, the filipino feast

Hello Sweeties!

My beasties and I were craving for Pinoy food. I know there are a lot of places to eat but since we were at UP Town Center, I decided that we should dine at the very popular Salusalo at UP Town Center. The beasties and I rarely go out these days together since I have been so busy with a lot of work.  This is a SunDate for all of us.

It was not easy to get a table at Salusalo because a lot of large groups seem to enjoy dining here. Rightly so, since the price is very reasonable for the serving size.

We were lucky there was a free table for us as soon as we walked in.

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