Prepping for Graduation: Via Make -up

20120223-065402 PM.jpg

I have been into make-up lately and fortunately for me, my daughter is a willing guinea pig. She is 12 and very impressionable. I remember when I was 12, all I was interested in was being a writer. I guess I am making up for all my lost time.

20120223-065857 PM.jpg
Sun-kissed Gal by g-lish

I found the brand g-lish, since it’s a brand meant for the very young girls. I have bought 2 products from them and they work well with my skin type.

I didn’t use any primer coz I was just practicing, when graduation come I would probably use a primer so the make-up will stick throughout the day.

20120223-071149 PM.jpg

I next worked on her eyes, I used the liquid eyeliner by Maybelline. I need to get another one soon.
Since the Egyptian eyes were in and I enjoy all the KPop look I tried that out on her, she looked sooo cute! I tried using the matted eyeshadow in pink. I couldn’t get it right.

20120223-075852 PM.jpg
I also prepped her lips with Étude House’s Miss You Panda in peach

20120223-071506 PM.jpg
I used my Étude House Wanna Be Style Making Kit

The slight peachy lipstick that I found looked great on her. It looks very natural.

20120223-075445 PM.jpg

20120223-081013 PM.jpg
g-lish’s Gelato Cheek Treat # 5

I capped things off with a nice blush from the very affordable brand g-lish.

20120223-081452 PM.jpg

20120223-082704 PM.jpg
I also used suesh brushes with the rest of the make-up

I thought, I can do it! She doesn’t look weird! I do need to practice more but so far so good.

20120223-082227 PM.jpg